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WEATNU launches WEATNU VIP – a rally point for leadership in Indie Electronica — June 24, 2016

WEATNU launches WEATNU VIP – a rally point for leadership in Indie Electronica

WEATNU VIP – A Rally Point For Leadership in Indie Electronica

On 13th June 2016 Almark Thaolen, Founder of WEATNU (We Are The New Underground), announced a bold new initiative to form WEATNU VIP. This entails WEATNU’s most ardent Members to proactively serve as a broad visionary committee for guidance and Indie Electronic Music Evangelism. WEATNU VIP’s cooperative efforts will assist all members of #WEATNU attain greater exposure for their Music to be heard. Already, this clarion call has been met with an overwhelming response, as over 100 Members have risen to meet this new challenge. Building on the success of WEATNU Records’ “Year One” Compilation Album, WEATNU VIP has released it’s 1st Compilation as a WEATNU VIP Soundcloud Playlist (embedded above), which has already been receiving heavy traffic, with a 2nd WEATNU VIP Playlist and Artist Interviews to follow.

According to Almark, “A WEATNU VIP is anyone who helps We are the New Underground or its members grow. These are the people who spread the word, donate monthly or contribute support.”

WEATNU VIP has concentrated its strongest forces together to further WEATNU’s Global Reach and expand our Worldwide Audience across Music and Social Media to give all our WEATNU Members a greater voice and stronger Influence throughout the impenetrable Jungle of Today’s EDM Saturated Electronic Music Industry. Thanks to WEATNU, its strong sense of Community and their Affiliates, many Members have received invaluable National and International Internet and even FM RadioAirplay, Published Albums as DIY, On WEATNU’s Label and other Labels as well!

Founded in 2014, WEATNU (We are the New Underground) is an organization and movement dedicated to promoting its Membership of Electronic, DIY, avant-garde Musicians who stand outside and apart from the more Commercial EDM. With over 440 Members, WEATNU’s Initiatives include, Internet radio (Now 3 Streams), Record Label, WEATNU Magazine, Social Media, WEATNU’s Blog, and monthly Soundcloud Playlists featuring new WEATNU Members.

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Review of ‘Masters of the Molehill’ album by The Band Whose Name is a Symbol on Cardinal Fuzz and Birdman Sound — June 16, 2016

Review of ‘Masters of the Molehill’ album by The Band Whose Name is a Symbol on Cardinal Fuzz and Birdman Sound

Born in 2008, The Band Whose Name is a Symbol aka TBWNIAS was and is about creating the ultimate marriage of improvisation and hard rock edged pyschedelic music. Originally a 4 piece and now 6, TBWNIAS are based out of the legendary Birdman Sounds record shop in Ottawa. The group have now released 9 vinyl only LPs in miniscule editions (Private Press and Lathe Cuts)in which their underground reputation has made them a cult among aficionados of hard thudding, rock riffing kraut.

Masters of the Molehole was released as 350 pressing (screen printed sleeve with insert and all black vinyl) on Cardinal Fuzz (CFUL040) but unfortunately has sold out.

However the good news is that it is available for digital download from The Band Whose Name is a Symbol bandcamp page.

And for customers in the USA the vinyl is available from Captcha Records.

At times reminiscent of 70s rock with excellent improvisation, The Band Whose Name is a Symbol create a great pysch sound with an excellent tension at times from contrasting elements. There’s great drumming and bass which provide a solid backing and some excellent riffing and soloing maintaining a great balance between experimentation, slow burning grooves and more uptempo grooves.

Opening with feedback, a distorted trem riff and intertwining lead lines, the song has a great jam quality with some excellent delayed lead lines dropping into a great riff propelled by solid drumming and bass.

A great uptempo opening from drumming and bass with a great riff with some nice effects. The song maintains a great momentum with solos and riffing building a tension to a final release.

I really like how the bass opens the song, the drumming enters to give a great momentum. There’s some really good guitar playing, excellent tones. A great tension from the layered elements. I like how tension builds and resolves been the contrasting elements.

I really like how the song opens with bass and a kind of squelchy riff, the distorted guitar gives a great momentum propelled by solid drumming and bass. Background elements create a great tension. There’s some great improvisation with lead lines and feedback which creates an excellent tension which is released to a great slow jam building tension to a final release.

You Doo Wrong
The opening bass riff has a great urgency contrasted against the more laid back layered sounds. The song has a great groove, I really like how the steady rhythm of the drumming, bass and riff contrast with the improvisation elements which are excellent.

God II
Slightly distorted riff to open, the emerging feedback creates a great tension with drumming and bass entering to give a solid momentum. The song has a slow groove which picks up the pace nicely to create an edgy sound. The solo is excellent, really adding to the song. A great release of tension follows into a slower groove with excellent sound effects and it’s not long before the pace quickens again into another solo before a final release to end the song.

Ice Rings
A shimmering opening to this song with guitar riff and swirling synth, the ride cymbal is really subtle. It’s a great atmosphere, good layering of different sounds and I really like how the percussion builds gradually and how the bass is so prominent. There’s great use of delay and excellent evolution of the song which has a middle eastern feel at times and a great jam quality.

Cardinal Fuzz on twitter
Cardinal Fuzz on facebook

Captcha Records on twitter
Captcha Records on facebook

The Band Whose Name is a Symbol on facebook

Birdman Sound on twitter
Birdman Sound on facebook
Birdman Sound website

Review of Fareweleon EP by Apostrophic — June 14, 2016

Review of Fareweleon EP by Apostrophic

This is an excellent EP, Apostrophic creates a great sound incorporating deep grooves with organic sounds such as guitar and piano which contrast with harsher distorted sounds. I really like the production and arrangement, each element is clearly separated and given its own space with excellent layering to create contrast and a cohesive sound.

A great opening to this song, a really good synth arp which incorporates bass and a
glitchy bitcrushed sound. The interspersed guitar riff works really well.
The Beat is excellent and gives a solid momentum. The song is really well produced, I really like the evolution of the song and how the guitar goes from a clean jangly sound to a more distorted tone which is subtle but very effective.

Another excellent beat with piano to open, the bass is deep and dirty. The clean jangly guitar riff provides a great contrast and there’s a futher contrast with a cleaner sounding bass. There’s a great tension between the natural ambience of the piano and guitar against the harsher distorted elements.

A deep bass to open, the background sounds add a great element. The beat gives a great momentum. The film quote sits low in the mix which works really well and the subtle noise adds a great element too.

Social links:
Facebook | website | Twitter | Bandcamp

Review of ‘Road to the Sun’ album on Factory Fast Records — June 10, 2016

Review of ‘Road to the Sun’ album on Factory Fast Records

This is another excellent compilation from Factory Fast, there’s a solid roots / blues / rock core with each artist defining their own sound from indie rock to acoustic blues to jazz all with great grooves, excellent riffing and vocals and great arrangements too.

Shattervox – Talking to Myself
A great indie rock vibe to this song. I really like how it opens with a bass riff, there’s a great interplay between a chord vamp and riff which has a surf guitar feel and there’s a nice change of feel with feedback leading into a more laid back groove building tension again slowly. The vocals have a great edge of tension to them.

The Rose Hotel – The Last of The Hornsea Boys
Another great opening to this song, a solid momentum from drumming and bass with a great riff which has a lonesome kind of feel and the brass is a great element. The vocals have a great lonesome quality too and there’s really good changes in feel from an upfront sound to laid back to a chord vamp.

Francesca Romana Fabris – Rainy Day
I really like how this song opens with the bass which establishes the groove and vocals then the percussion and shimmering guitar chords drop in. The song has an excellent jazz vibe, Francesca’s vocals are smooth and dreamy, the guitar playing is excellent and the sax adds a great element.

Bill Zanni – Road to the Sun
Acoustic guitar riff and chords to open, a really nice blues feel. Great change of feel to a more intense rock sound when drumming and distorted guitar enter. Vocals have a real brooding quality which suits the style of the song really well. Great solo too.

Pig’n’Aif – Dead Man Blues (Handover Version)
A great blues rock vibe to open with really good riffing, the vocals tell a great story with subtle but really good harmonies. The bass and drumming give a great momentum. I really like the arrangement of the strummed guitar and lead lines.

Crow Jane – One Day Late, One Dollar Short
Great opening to the song, the drumming sets out a groove followed by an excellent riff. I really like the change of feel when the vocals enter, it’s a great contrast. There’s some really nice blues harp and an excellent solo too.

Adrian James – Wishing on You
I love the laid back vibe of this song, it opens with strummed acoustic guitar with subtle organ and an emerging guitar lead line. The vocals are excellent, really smooth complimenting the song really well.

Factory Fast Records website
Factory Fast on twitter
Factory Fast on facebook

Shattervox website
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The Rose Hotel on soundcloud
The Rose Hotel on twitter

Francesca Romana Fabris website
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Bill Zanni on facebook
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Pig’n’Aif website/a>
Pig’n’Aif on twitter

Crow Jane on reverbnation
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Adrian James website
Adrian James on twitter

Review of Synchronicity EP by Cesium Swimsuit #WEATNU — June 7, 2016

Review of Synchronicity EP by Cesium Swimsuit #WEATNU


Cesium Swimsuit is Jeff Haight from Michigan, USA who is an electronic musician mixing shoegaze guitars with electronic beats, violin and synths to create instrumental electrogaze tracks and beats.

Synchronicity is an excellent album, there’s great guitar riffs, excellent synth sounds and cool rhythms too. I really like the way the guitar riffs are blended with beats and synth sounds to great effect creating a really atmospheric sound which at times is chilled but also with an edge of tension at times too.

Sun Static
This song has a great riff to open with subtle bass and an excellent percussive rhythm. I really like the evolving swirling background sounds which add a great element. The synth sound is excellent and the song has a dark edge.

Another excellent riff to open, the drumming and bass have more of a jazz feel. The song has a looping, hypnotic feel. Great layering and use of delay too.

Paper Lanterns
Another excellent riff to open, I really like the string sound and how the beat weaves in and out. Excellent production, really well layered sounds.

Fear of Our Future
More of a jangly feel to the riff, I really like the minimal percussive rhythm. There’s really good use of strummed and more open riffs and a great synth sound again too.

An excellent atmospheric synth sound to open, the beat compliments it really well, a very punchy sound. The guitar riff is subtle adding a great element.

Deep bass, ambient guitar riff and synth create a great soundscape. I really like how the song has a dreamy floaty feel but there’s a great edge of tension too.

Place in Time
This song has great processing of sound effects to open which has an almost dub feel, the drumming provides a great momentum. Excellent riffing again, the song is hypnotic.

Great opening to this song, I really like the use of the field recording. The song has a future garage feel, an excellent vibe.

Cesium Swimsuit on facebook
Cesium Swimsuit on twitter

Review of ‘The High Life’ album on Factory Fast Records — June 1, 2016

Review of ‘The High Life’ album on Factory Fast Records

An excellent collection of Americana songs from blues to country to country blues to rock, the playing is excellent throughout with a really tight knit sound. There’s an excellent vibe to this album which has great riffing, wicked grooves and lovely vocals too.

Ac G – Nasty Rumours
Excellent slide guitar playing on this song which creates a great vibe. The vocals suit the style of the song really well, an edgy lonesome sound.

Bryan James – Leave Me Alone
A great old time country sound with guitar, fiddle and lap steel. The vocals tell the story really well, I like the use of two vocalists and there’s some great harmonies too.

Julie Gibb – All My Yesterdays
A modern country feel to this song, a positive upbeat sound with lovely vocals and harmonies too. The drumming and bass are really tight knit and the guitar riffs are excellent with a really nice solo too.

Gene P Kelly – High Life
A brilliant country blues opening riff creates a great groove which is really enhanced by subtle distortion and there’s a subtle solo too. The vocals are excellent, they have a laid back feel with great depth and presence.

Pikapolonica – Working on the Vineyard
I really like the opening riff which creates an excellent blues vibe. The guitar playing is solid throughout with great riff and solo elements. The vocals really suit the style of the song too, they have a great intensity and passion to them and the song is propelled by really tight drumming and bass.

The Stunt People – Carried Away
A great groove from the opening guitar propelled by excellent drumming, percussion and bass. The vocal harmonies are excellent too, there’s really good changes in feel between uptempo and more laid back parts of the song. There’s some excellent guitar lead lines too.

Johnny Rodes Outlaw Band – Devil in My Dream
Opens with what sounds like a radio show quote, there’s a great opening riff accompanied by really good vocals. Distortion gives more of an urgent feel to the song. There’s a great edge of tension at times and an excellent solo too.

Factory Fast Records website
Factory Fast on twitter
Factory Fast on facebook

Ac G on reverbnation
Ac G on twitter

Bryan James on facebook
Bryan James on twitter

Julie Gibb website
Julie Gibb on twitter

Gene P Kelly website
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Pikapolonica on facebook
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The Stunt People on facebook
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Johnny Rodes Outlaw Band website
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