Everything is on its own evolutionary path.

This blog is no different.

It started as an idea when I first started to run out of space on Soundcloud. I don’t know why that triggered it because I quickly realised that it was never going to be a replacement or substitute. Instead it offered me the opportunity to write about music in all its many different guises which I started a long time ago on a now defunct website.

So that’s what I’ve done. You’ll find articles on music theory, software reviews, musings on music creation, various music projects and album reviews too.

I’m very pleased with the progress over the past few years. I have to juggle this blog against personal and work commitments and also the need to create my own music which means unfortunately there is far more content that I would like to publish than I have time to feasibly produce. I am powered by coffee so if you like what I do you could donate a coffee to me over on ko-fi.com. I’d be very grateful.

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