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Review of ‘Not Your Enemy’ single by Molly Warburton — August 26, 2016

Review of ‘Not Your Enemy’ single by Molly Warburton

Molly Warburton and her band having been playing together for several years, channelling a variety of influences which range from Fleetwood Mac, Bombay Bicycle Club and Joan Armatrading to KT Tunstall.

The band is made up Molly on vocals and guitar, Nick on bass/backing vocals, Luke on lead guitar, Suds on keyboard/backing vocals and Adam on drums.

Molly’s interest in music began at the age of thirteen when she discovered The Pogues. After taking music as a subject at school and writing her first song at the age of fourteen, her tastes diversified and expanded to include artists like Nina Simone and Aretha Franklin whose soulful, powerful voices and unique styles became major influences. Now, at twenty, she and her band are enjoying playing shows and music festivals all over the UK.


This is an excellent single, it has a really soulful vibe with a great sound which has elements of singer / songwriter and indie influences amongst others. The production is excellent with really good layering and a very clean, modern sound.

The song opens with strummed chords and subtle percussion followed by electric piano and backing vocals leading into Molly’s vocals which are superb, beautiful and haunting. The song has a great momentum and really good layering with a nice change of tension in the chorus.

‘Not Your Enemy’ is available on CD, vinyl and as a digital download

You can also catch Molly Warburton live at a number of upcoming gigs:
Solfest, Carlisle – August 26th
The Guzzler, Grasmere – September 03rd
The Castle, Manchester – September 09th
Uclan Freshers Party, Preston – September 18th
Sound Control, Manchester – September 26th

Social links:

Molly Warburton
Website | Facebook | Twitter

Blue Soap Music
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Review of Bath White EP by 50FootWave on HHBTM Records — August 22, 2016

Review of Bath White EP by 50FootWave on HHBTM Records

50FootWave are comprised of Kristin Hersh and Bernard Georges of Throwing Muses, and monster drummer Rob Ahlers. This LA-based power trio is known for pioneering the name-your-own-price movement, which began with their 2005 release “Free Music”.

Named after the lowest note audible to human ears, 50FOOTWAVE was intended as an outlet for the noise/math rock pieces that didn’t fit the aesthetic of Throwing Muses or Kristin Hersh’s solo work.

Their most successful and influential release, 2009’s Power + Light, is thirty minutes of non-stop music, a barrage of free-form sound that found the band challenging its own complex song structure. Drowned in Sound says 50FOOTWAVE is “neither self-indulgent nor like many tracks cobbled together, but bruisingly visceral”.

50FOOTWAVE’s early releases are available for download free of charge here and licensed for sharing via Creative Commons. In this relation, Kristin co-founded the non-profit Coalition of Artists and Stake-Holders (CASH Music) in 2007. Over the past few years, CASH has not only completely funded Kristin’s own output, but has also powered dozens of other artist and label projects and has grown into a widely-recognized powerhouse of technical tools that enable commerce, communication and sustainability for artists.

This is a superb EP, the guitar playing is excellent with great variation in riffs and chords with excellent variation in tone too. The songs are propelled by solid drumming and bass and the vocals are excellent too with a dreamy feel at times and a more intense feel at others.

Bath White
Great riff and vocals to open, there’s just a hint of distortion on the guitar which creates an excellent groove. The bass and drumming propel the song along and there are some excellent changes in feel between uptempo and more laid back with great build and release of tension.

God’s Not A Dick
Another excellent opening riff which has quite a funky feel at times. The vocals are excellent again, a great intensity. I love the change in feel of the song which creates a great contrast.

There’s a tension to the opening riff which leads into a more uptempo section. The tension builds through the song releasing back to the opening riff. The bass and drumming is solid giving an excellent momentum.

Ratted Out
Subtle phaser effect on the opening guitar riff, it’s slightly distorted giving a great sound. Solid bass and drumming and the vocals are excellent again too. There’s some excellent layered synth / guitars which gives a really big sound at times.

St. Christopher
An excellent opening riff again which creates a really good tension. I really like the change of feel to the uptempo parts and how they contrast with the more mellow sections in between.

Sun Salute
An uptempo opening riff and vocals to open, the song has a great energy leading into a more chilled part and there’s a great contrast between these parts of the songs.

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Cities and Memory ‘The Next Station’ project launches Tuesday 23rd August #nextstation — August 18, 2016

Cities and Memory ‘The Next Station’ project launches Tuesday 23rd August #nextstation

23 August 2016 marks the launch of the latest Cities and Memory project, The Next Station.

The London Underground is the world’s oldest underground railway, launching in 1863, and is now one of the most recognisable features of London as a city – and one of the most distinctive soundscapes in the world.

Working alongside The London Sound Survey Cities and Memory have created the first ever sound map of the London Underground and invited sound artists from around the world to create new pieces reimagining and remixing every station and stop on the map.

Further details, an interactive sound map and playlist will be available at Cities and Memory: The Next Station when it launches on 23rd August.

I’m delighted to be a part of this project, I used a recording from the ticket hall at Angel station which was cut up into percussive sounds, vocal snippets and other interesting sounds. I used Groove Matrix and Homing Pad in Hollyhock to provide a glitchy rhythm and the processed recordings were used at normal and altered pitches with one sent to an effect rack comprised of Izotope DDLY dynamic delay, TAL Reverb 4 and Fusion Delay and were triggered manually during the recording. I also used TAL Noisemaker for the introduction,Izotope Breaktweaker to provide a 4:4 kick rhythm, Bass Engine CM and Aalto CM.

The intention with my entry was to capture the ebb and flow and sometimes chaotic nature of a ticket hall, including those moments where you manage to switch off and just hear fragments of conversations. I used the ‘cut up’ approach to create various vocal and percussive sounds and used groove tools to create glitchy rhythms. Curiously Homing Pad produced a rhythm which sounded like travelling on a train.

I created the song in Usine Hollyhock II DAW which facilities this type of sound manipulation making the process really easy. It contains a lot of sound manipulation tools and effects like granulators, delays, ring mods with easy automation of controls. It’s a modular system so you can create your own patches and routing with virtually unlimited possibilities. It’s primarily aimed at live performance so it copes very well with changing settings with no degradation in the sound, even for maths intensive operations like granulators and delays.

If you’re interested and would like to join in, Cities and Memory welcome submissions either as part of projects like this one or alternatively you can submit reimagined sounds of your own or from their collection. Full details can be found on their website.

Cities and Memory on facebook
Cities and Memory on twitter
Cities and Memory on bandcamp

Review of West Pier EP by Dark Train —

Review of West Pier EP by Dark Train

This EP has a great atmosphere and vibe. I really like how it blends different styles together really well. There’s hints of industrial, glitch, synthwave, dark wave and liquid dubstep at times too. The synth, drum sounds and vocals are excellent with some really good processing and layering of vocals.

Emotion Sickness
I really like the glitchy sounding opening riff, the industrial sounding drumming pattern gives a great momentum. The vocals are processed and layered really well, very atmospheric. There’s quite an edgy feel to the song which has a great bass sound and nice arp too.

All The Good in Me
Excellent drumming pattern, bass and swirling background sounds to open, the vocals are excellent again. The song has a great dark, edgy feel with a really good release and rebuilding of tension.

Great synth sound to open, vocals have a really good ethereal feel. The drum pattern has a great industrial feel to it and gives a great momentum. There’s excellent changes of feel too.

Dark Train on twitter

Review of Set the Fires EP by Alpha Shallows — August 15, 2016

Review of Set the Fires EP by Alpha Shallows

This is a great EP, Alpha Shallows have an excellent indie sound that has elements of grunge and stoner rock. Backed by solid drumming and bass, the vocals are excellent with great passion and intensity.

You can catch Alpha Shallows live at their next gig on Friday 19th August 2016 at The 360 Club in Leeds, UK at 8pm.

This song has a great indie sound, reminiscent of grunge with an acoustic guitar to open followed by distorted guitar propelled by solid drumming and bass. The vocals have a great edge of angst to them. There’s a nice change of feel into the chorus with a real brooding quality in the verses at times too. There’s a solo which leads into another section with a great edge of tension which is released to end the song.

Set The Fires
Drumming gives a great momentum to open the song followed by an excellent riff, kind of a surf guitar feel. Vocals are really good again with great passion and intensity. There’s a nice change to a more uptempo feel in the chorus before returning to the more laid back groove. Some really good riffing and a nice solo too.

Another acoustic riff to open, laid back drumming and bass create a great groove propelled by strummed guitar. Vocals are excellent again. A great stoner rock kind of feel to the song.

A more uptempo strummed riff to open leading into an acoustic riff. The verses have a stripped back feel which creates an excellent edgy vibe with a great change in feel into the chorus. A great build and release of tension.

Alpha Shallows on twitter | facebook

Review of ‘Marsangst’ EP by Hologram Teen on Happy Robot Records — August 10, 2016

Review of ‘Marsangst’ EP by Hologram Teen on Happy Robot Records


Hologram Teen is the solo electronic music project of Morgane Lhote, whose music can be described as ‘motorik disco’. This project was born in 2012 after a lengthy and colourful career in numerous other bands, including seminal band Stereolab. This is a follow up release to the Post Apocalypteacakes / Tracksuit Minotaur single which I’ve previously reviewed here.

This is a great EP, all of the songs have an upbeat vibe to them with great arps, synth sounds and layered background sounds. It’s quite had to describe the style of the EP, there’s elements of synthpop, hip hop and rave at times which gives Hologram Teen an excellent sound.

The Marsangst EP was released by Happy Robot Records on 5th August 2016 on all major digital stores and streaming services. There is also a limited edition 300 press 7″ single comprising Marsangst and Hex These Rules distributed by Cargo Records which is available from Happy Robot Records.

Great arp to open, drumming pattern and bass give a great momentum. There’s some excellent layered background sounds and a great change of feel when the vocals enter. They’re processed and layered really well. I like how there’s a central theme with subtle changes of feel returning back to the central groove.

Hex These Rules
Another great arp to open with a kick and syncopated hat rhythm, there’s a great synth lead sound and the bass has a great groove too. I really like the vocal processing and the incorporation of the spoken clip. The song has a rave feel at times which provides a nice contrast.

Scratches en Serie
A great opening riff with sparse percussive rhythm, the drumming pattern creates an excellent groove and the bassline compliments this really well. This song also has excellent prccessing of the vocal parts. The synth adds a great element and there’s some excellent background sound effects too.

Franmaster Glass
Great opening bassline which weaves around the drumming pattern and has an edge of tension. The synth arp builds on this with great acid qualities at times. There’s a great variety of synth sounds each of which adds a different element and also a hint of tension at times.

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Review of Psychic Lemon S/T album — August 8, 2016

Review of Psychic Lemon S/T album

This is a great album, Psychic Lemon have a sound between rock and psych and showcase this to great effect. The songs have a great jam quality about them with an excellent variety of riffs and solos with great use of effects. The drumming and bass are tight knit and I like the variety in use, sometimes subtle and sometimes more prominent. The arrangements are excellent too creating grooves, dreamy / floaty sounds and great build and release of tension.

A great opening with a synth drone and swirling synth sounds, the bass riff and drumming give a great momentum. The picked guitar riff compliments the sound really well. The vocals have a great laid back psych feel to them with some really nice harmonies.

Death Cult Blues
Has an ominous sounding opening with the detuned acoustic guitar and choral type sound leading into a much more uptempo drumming pattern and riff. The song has a great jam feel, some excellent riffing and solos too with a great energy throughout. Really nice use of feedback and delay at times too.

Good Cop Bad Cop
Great opening groove to this song, a strummed riff with shimmery chords and really good use of wah and subtle distortion. Drumming and bass give a really good momentum. I really like the variety of riffs and solos and build / release of tension.

Analogue Summer
I really like the opening with bird sounds, shimmery guitar and organ type sound which leads into a really floaty sound with a riff and slide guitar. The drumming and bass give a defined and subtle momentum to start with, becoming more defined. A great laid back vibe.

Distorted / wah wang effects leading into uptempo drumming, bass and riff, there are some excellent sound effects which build tension to a release with vocals. The song has some excellent effects and a trippy feel at times with really good changes in feel again building tension to a final release.

Another great opening, the guitar and vocals create a great tension, the drumming and bass give momentum and there’s a kind of brooding feel to the guitar riffs with an urgency in the vocals. A nice build / release of tension through the song with cleaner and more distorted solos and variety and presence of drumming / bass.

Psychic Lemon on twitter

Review of Big Naturals and Anthroprophh – S/T on Cardinal Fuzz and Captcha Records — August 4, 2016

Review of Big Naturals and Anthroprophh – S/T on Cardinal Fuzz and Captcha Records

Every so often an album comes along that really is very special and grabs your attention and makes you want to listen again and again. This is one such album. From start to finish it’s monumental. Some of the distorted guitar tones are superb and used to great effect. The drumming is excellent, often understated giving a great momentum at times, an improvised feel at others. There’s a great control in the playing, often a building of tension and great use of drones to create contrast between different elements. At times tending to the chaotic, the control is reigned back at just the right time to deliver a huge, intense sound.

It’s fair to say there has been a very high demand for this release. At the time of writing there were on 4 vinyl versions left at Cardinal Fuzz (CFUL052) and for customers in the USA there were only 5 red vinyl and some black vinyl versions available from Captcha Records (HBSP 2X 068).

Big Naturals – God-shaped Hole
This song is very aptly titled. Indeed there is a god shaped hole but fear not, there is more than a god sized song to fill it. Opening with feedback and swirling background sounds, a distant organ heralds a siren type sound which feels like a call to war. There’s an ominous feel to the opening, a brooding tension building to an awesome riff. The distortion is magnificent and the guitar has a great sound, quite grunge, almost metal. The drumming here is brilliant too, understated but giving a well defined momentum. A great build of tension, nicely released to an almost eastern feel which builds tension and momentum again with the increased tempo of the drumming. The guitar enters again, less distortion to start with but with an anticipation that doesn’t disappoint, I really like how the solo is controlled and followed by a gradual release of tension to end the song.

Anthroprophh – Farce Without End
A more uptempo opening with strummed distorted guitar and solid momentum from drumming, the solo has a great edgy sound. There’s great changes in feel to a more urgent solo which has a really on the edge sound to a slower tempo part with jazz improv piano which strangely works really well leading into another solo and some excellent guitar improv which creates quite an uneasy feel at times.

Anthroprophh – Narwhallion Social Purge
A chaotic feel to the opening with intense riffing, somehow eeking even more distortion out of the guitar for the drone. There’s a dissonance at times too. The vocals have a distant, disembodied feel. It’s really well controlled playing, a huge sound right on the edge, quite intense at times backed with excellent soloing and distorted guitar effects propelled by solid drumming.

Anthroprophh – Chubhuck’s Last Tape
A more laid back opening, quite an ominous feel from the distorted guitar riff. It has a jazz improv feel which contrasts and works really well against the drone. A great jam quality to this track with a great build and release of tension.

Cardinal Fuzz on twitter
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Review of ‘El Campeon’ album on Factory Fast Records — August 2, 2016

Review of ‘El Campeon’ album on Factory Fast Records

You better strap yourselves in, this is a white knuckle ride of high energy, high tempo heavy rock songs with excellent riffing, awesome guitar tone and some great solos too. The cover artwork is really appropriate, this would make an excellent wrestling soundtrack.

Verde – Power
The song opens with feedback accompanied by a slapped bass line, drumming gives an urgent feel. The distorted guitar enters with a chunky sounding riff leading to a great groove. I really like how the vocals have a rap style which gives the song a great vibe and energy. There’s an excellent solo too.

ToxSyn – Toxic Shock
I really like the reversed vocals to open with, the song has a great brooding quality with excellent build and release of tension through tasty riffing and intense vocals. I really like the variety in both the vocal and guitar tones.

Hell Beings – Leopard
This song opens with feedback leading into a great strummed riff. There’s really good layering and changes of feel with the guitar riffs and I like the intensity of the vocals. The song has a great energy.

Stereo Treason – Open Range
This song opens with great drumming leading into solid riffing, the vocals have a great intensity to them. I like how the song has an edgy feel with a release to a lower tempo part slowly building tension again to a solo which ends the song.

Snake – Dark Place
This song has a great bass line to open leading into an awesome distorted riff and superbly growly vocals. The spoken vocals over the top give a great urgency. There’s a wicked intensity and great vibe to the song which has a great solo too. I like the change to less intense vocals towards the end of the song which gives a great contrast.

Red Zephyr – Crazy Noise
Superb opening riff, a heavy rock sound reminiscent of 80s metal. The vocals suit the style of the song really well. The drumming and bass give an excellent momentum and groove. It’s an infectious sound.

Marijuanal – Brothers
A great opening riff, this song has a thrash / speed metal feel from very intense drumming, riffing and vocals. The song has an excellent intensity and energy from start to finish and I really like the harmonised solo.


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