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Review of The Ghost Position album by Odd Common — May 28, 2017

Review of The Ghost Position album by Odd Common

It’s been a little while since the last album Back to the Past, so it’s great to see another release from Odd Common. This is an excellently crafted album, there are some great bass and synth sounds along with some excellent piano and guitar riffs. Odd Common blends these different elements into songs with a subtle movement and great layering of sounds. There’s a very modern feel to the production but equally an excellent 80s synth vibe too.

le petite monde
A wonderfully atmospheric piano song with some really interesting layered background sounds.

insomnia victoria
A sound like a sonar with an excellent percussive rhythm using some unusual sounds. A synth arp and synth chords create a great momentum. Excellent piano playing again.

counting demons
A drone sound to open with a synth riff, strings and percussive rhythm. Very well layered and arranged sounds, great development of the song with excellent piano again.

le grand monde
A drone type of sound to open with, some great percussive sound and excellent piano again. There’s a nice change of feel followed by a return to the piano accompanied by an excellent bass synth and background sounds to end.

An atmospheric opening which builds with drone, synths and guitar. The drumming, guitar and bass create a great vibe. I really like the vibrato on the sustained synth.

the darkness between the nights
A glitchy sounding open with excellent bass. Vocals are processed really well and are dark and growly. The song has a kind of Celtic feel at times.

faglar av stal
Excellent synth and guitar to open, an atmospheric song with great layered sounds. The percussive rhythm is excellent and accompanied by a great sounding arp. Nice changes of feel too.

omnipresent ghost
Lovely synth chords to open with layered glitchy background sounds which forms an excellent rhythm. Processed whispered vocals have a kind of eerie presence. Really nice change of feel to a more uptempo rhythm with organ and synth.

il mare sotto Le stelle
Great sound effect to open leading into an arp with swirling background synth. It’s a great soundscape and the guitar adds a great element.

ghost logic
Synths and strings creates an atmospheric opening with an excellent momentum from drumming pattern, bass riff and electric piano.

den sister psalmen
Bells and layered background sounds creates an edgy opening leading into synth riffs which have a kind of church organ feel to them. The piano riff gives a nice change in feel.

above the rain
Lovely piano riff to open, layered background sounds and strings compliment these really well. Vocals are superb. A great change in feel and a great way to round out the album.

Odd Common on twitter | facebook

Review of ‘We Can Go Down But We’ll Take A World With Us (Four Evenings in the Fuhrerbunker’ by Deadlights on Econ Records (ECON008) — May 27, 2017

Review of ‘We Can Go Down But We’ll Take A World With Us (Four Evenings in the Fuhrerbunker’ by Deadlights on Econ Records (ECON008)

This is a highly emotive subject and not always an easy listen. That said, it’s done in a very clever way which is very difficult to achieve where you are left to put your own interpretation to the songs. There’s a cinematic soundscape feel at times and some excellent synth sounds and riffs. Often parts of a documentary set the scene and tell the story in the songs.

The 12th Has Failed
Opening with drone and background sounds, voices from a documentary set the scene. An arp and processed vocal snippets are given momentum by a percussive rhythm and bassline. There’s a great flow to the song, further spoken parts are layered with what sounds like conversation in the bunker accompanied by some excellent synth and background sounds.

The Walther and the Vial
Ominous sounding synth and vocals to open with layered background sounds, there’s a subtle movement in the sound leading into more spoken documentary followed by a cinematic soundscape type of sound with vocals and strings.

Prussic Berceuse
Not the easiest song to listen to but it’s done extremely well. The documentary speech sets the scene and tells the story against a swirling drone and strings. This leads into an uptempo drumming pattern, layered synth and arp. It’s very reflective with cinematic qualities.

The documentary sets the scene against strings and a drone. The percussive rhythm has a mechanical feel to it. This leads into a clock chime type of sound which in turn leads into an ominous sounding synth with piano and a choir type of sound. This also has a cinematic feel, building tension to a final release.

Deadlights on twitter | facebook

Review of Helioglobe album by Sky High Diamonds — May 24, 2017

Review of Helioglobe album by Sky High Diamonds

Helioglobe was released in July 2016 and there have been 8 further releases from Sky High Diamonds since then and there are 18 in total on their Bandcamp.

There’s a beauty to this album, it’s haunting and edgy at times with great use of space where sounds can evolve and grow. The vocals are lovely, there are some excellent harmonies which often contrast against harsher mechanical sounds. The sparse layered rhythms from mechanical sounds and glitch type sounds really add to the feel.

Light Matters
Great layering of spoken and sung vocals with background sounds and an emerging guitar chord vamp. Panning, reverb and delay give an excellent sense of space.

Helioglobe (Breath and Words)
A pulsing, shimmery opening from a drone and chime type of sound with lovely delayed vocals. An excellent soundscape, each sound has room to grow and evolve.

Your Parasites (Crawl Back)
A mechanical, edgy rhythm accompanied by spoken vocals with great harmonies. There’s a great contrast between the harsher sounding rhythm and softer vocals.

Unseen Death Scene
Drone to open with layered background sounds and an emerging synth lead. I really like the reversed sounds which add a great feel.

Hunt Poet
An edgy feel to the opening rhythm which has a mechanical feel, the vocals are really well processed with lovely harmonies though the song has a menacing feel.

A great opening to the song with glitched deep bass and chime type synth sounds. Excellent layering again.

She (Singing and Feeling)
A sparse opening rhythm from a bass, glitchy and percussive sounds is accompanied with excellently processed vocals which have an ethereal, reversed feel at times.

Spoken vocals to open with sparse edgy rhythm, bass enters to give momentum. The song has a great dark edge with excellent layering of background sounds and nice interplay between spoken parts and instrumental parts.

Sea Shanty Prayer
Great tension to the opening from layered background sounds, edgy percussive sounds and layered vocals. It’s a haunting song.

Sparkling Limbs
Sound effects and an impact type sound to open, an emerging drone adds a subtle movement. It’s quite a harsh sound at times and the spoken vocals add a softer, contrasting element.

Sky High Diamonds on soundcloud | twitter | instagram

Review of The Antique Heart EP by Leaving Richmond — May 23, 2017

Review of The Antique Heart EP by Leaving Richmond

This is an excellent EP, you can tell its been meticulously crafted from the quality of sounds and their arrangement.

It has a great vibe, there are laid back and more uptempo grooves with nice changes of feel, great flow and excellent production. The guitar adds an excellent element.

Life on Other Planets
Emerging strings and subtle drone to open, there’s a subtle percussive rhythm and nice arp and synth lead. The drumming and bass give a solid momentum. The song has a laid back vibe with subtle movement between the different sounds.

The Antique Heart
A more uptempo feel from the drumming and delayed rhythmic elements. A synth lead is quite subtle and there’s some excellent layered background sounds. The guitar riff and strings add an excellent element.

The Electronic Afterlife
Subtle evolving strings to open leading into a drumming pattern, bass and synth lead. Nice change of feel when the guitar enters, I really like the changes in rhythm and more urgent feel at times.

Freezing Light
Sparse percussive rhythm and bass drone to open lead into a more uptempo drumming / percussive rhythm. Great use of delayed synth chords and background sound which kind of swells. There are great changes in feel, building a tension to a final resolve.

Waiting for Another Heartbeat
This song has kind of a drone opening with sparse percussion leading into a more defined rhythm propelled by drumming, bass and some excellent guitar riffs. The song creates a great contrast between an ambience of the guitar and more uptempo rhythm.

You Will Be Safe Here
A sparse processed kick pattern to open leads into a very atmospheric sound with pad, bass and a chime / bell riff. Great change of feel with the guitar riff, the song has a great momentum and a contemplative feel, especially when the strings enter.

Leaving Richmond on twitter | website | facebook

Review of Gestalt EP by Roofhare — May 12, 2017

Review of Gestalt EP by Roofhare

This EP was created using guitar, delay pedals and a looper pedal. It has an excellent experimental feel with great use of delay, layered sounds and feedback and Roofhare gets a huge range of sounds from the guitar. I really like the development of rhythmic sounds and interplay between the different delay effects which gives an ambience with a darker edge and great tension at times.

A pulsing, swirling opening leading into delayed impact type sounds. There’s an excellent dark ambience to this song and I really like the layering of pulsing drones, metallic sounds, bass sounds and scrape effects. It’s quite a sparse sound at times which creates a great tension.

A rhythmic opening leads into an excellently layered ambience with bass drones, haunting vocal type sounds and a reversed lead which has accordion qualities at times and adds a great tension. There’s an excellent interplay between the different elements with a great variation of sounds and there’s an excellent tension.

A great use of delay to the opening riff which a has a kind of sitar feel at times. There are some lovely shimmery chords and some great sound effects. There’s an excellent use of delay through the song which has an experimental feel with riffs, swirling background sounds and drone type sounds at times.

Tacit Intuition
This doesn’t use guitar but the self oscillation properties of the effects pedals. It’s an excellent dark ambience with great development of rhythmic patterns, layered drone type sounds and feedback. An excellent building and release of tension with a great range of sounds.

Roofhare on twitter | soundcloud

Review of ‘After the Bum Rush’ album by Ambrose Chappel and iKashflo on Romeda Records — May 8, 2017

Review of ‘After the Bum Rush’ album by Ambrose Chappel and iKashflo on Romeda Records

I love this album, it has an excellent vibe from a solid hip hop groove which is interwoven with funky, synth pop, techno and chiptune elements. It’s an infectious groove, you’ll soon be nodding your head and/or tapping your feet. There’s solid rapping which often contrasts with more laid back vocals. The production is excellent, there’s layering of elements such as scratching, pitched vocals and sound effects resulting in the album having a modern sound yet old-school feel at the same time.

Time and Time Again
This song opens with a recording taken outside walking to unlock a car leading into a great groove with drums and bass and pitched vocals. A laid back hip hop groove, the scratching and organ add great elements.

Pump up The Jam
A piano riff to open creates another solid groove with drums which leads into rapping contrasting with more laid back singing. Excellent layering again with scratching and spoken ‘mmm’ which acts like a bassline.

This song has more of a techno feel from the bassline and drumming. There’s a great contrast between rapping and vocals which have a funky feel. Great sound effects too.

City of Sin
There’s an urgency to the opening riff which creates an excellent groove with the drumming. Great rapping again, nice changes in feel and great layering of sound effects and scratching.

For Sure
An uptempo feel to the opening with bassline, drumming and rapping leading into another solid groove with excellent processing on the vocals.

Places to Go (feat. Lauren Randle)
An excellent bass to open leading into rapping. The song has a ‘purple hills’ kind of feel but also a funky, almost reggae feel. Lauren’s vocals add an excellent element.

Without Your Clothes
An excellent synth riff to open leading into harmonised vocals. Drumming builds and is given momentum by the bass. Great rapping contrasts with more laid back harmonised vocals.

Scratching to open leads into a laid back groove with a riff which has a great sound somewhere between a muted plucked string and a muted steel drum. Excellent rapping again.

Microphone Assassin
Great sound effect to open, the song has a funky groove and a videogame type of sound. Excellent rapping again with some great processing.

My Monika
A piano riff to open accompanied by slightly distorted organ chords gives a great tension. The song has a laid back feel with a really soulful vibe and the solo guitar adds a great element.

Get High
This song has a chiptune kind of feel to the opening leading into a solid groove from a fat bassline and uptempo rapping.

Thanks to Her
This song has a great uptempo groove and a very funky bassline. There’s a nice change in feel between the uptempo rapping and softer harmonised vocals.

My Moves
A synth brass riff to open with rapping leads into a groove with a heavy bass feel. There’s some excellent scratching and well layered background sounds.

Pick It Up
Another uptempo song which has an almost reggae / two-tone feel at times with the chord vamp. Solid rapping again with a nice change of feel to the harmonised vocals.

A funky organ riff to open, with uptempo rapping leads into a solid groove with a funky vibe, there’s great scratching and background sounds too.

Romeda Records bandcamp | website | twitter | facebook