Cesium Swimsuit is Jeff Haight from Michigan, USA who is an electronic musician mixing shoegaze guitars with electronic beats, violin and synths to create instrumental electrogaze tracks and beats.

Synchronicity is an excellent album, there’s great guitar riffs, excellent synth sounds and cool rhythms too. I really like the way the guitar riffs are blended with beats and synth sounds to great effect creating a really atmospheric sound which at times is chilled but also with an edge of tension at times too.

Sun Static
This song has a great riff to open with subtle bass and an excellent percussive rhythm. I really like the evolving swirling background sounds which add a great element. The synth sound is excellent and the song has a dark edge.

Another excellent riff to open, the drumming and bass have more of a jazz feel. The song has a looping, hypnotic feel. Great layering and use of delay too.

Paper Lanterns
Another excellent riff to open, I really like the string sound and how the beat weaves in and out. Excellent production, really well layered sounds.

Fear of Our Future
More of a jangly feel to the riff, I really like the minimal percussive rhythm. There’s really good use of strummed and more open riffs and a great synth sound again too.

An excellent atmospheric synth sound to open, the beat compliments it really well, a very punchy sound. The guitar riff is subtle adding a great element.

Deep bass, ambient guitar riff and synth create a great soundscape. I really like how the song has a dreamy floaty feel but there’s a great edge of tension too.

Place in Time
This song has great processing of sound effects to open which has an almost dub feel, the drumming provides a great momentum. Excellent riffing again, the song is hypnotic.

Great opening to this song, I really like the use of the field recording. The song has a future garage feel, an excellent vibe.

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