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Review of ‘Until the End’ album by L.D.C.N — July 30, 2015

Review of ‘Until the End’ album by L.D.C.N


This album really hits the sweet spot that lies somewhere between chillstep, trip hop and liquid dubstep. There’s a great vibe to the album, a great ambient feel at times but with the blending and morphing of a diverse range of styles from jazz to chillstep and liquid dubstep at times which creates a great contrast. There’s a real subtle edge of breakbeat / glitch at times too. It has that undefinable quality that has you struggling to find words to describe it and the best thing to do is listen because it’s one of those albums that the more you listen to it, the more you hear.

It’s brilliantly crafted, with excellent sounds which are layered really well, great percussion sounds too and really good production.

This song has a great drone and piano to open with, the drone fades to leave a real contemplative feel with the piano contrasting against the background sounds. There’s some subtle reverse sounds, the production is really good too.

A great opening with processed vocals, there are really good harmonies and a nice contrast with the slowed down vocals. The drums give a great momentum, there are really well layered sounds. It has quite a chilled vibe and there are great vocals to end with.

Caught in the Rain
There’s a great atmospheric opening with excellent background sounds and really good string sounds too. The ambience contrasts really well with the dubstep type of drum beat which weaves in and out of the song.

Phone Call
I really like the way this gives the impression it was recorded getting into a car, lighting a cigarette, putting some music on and driving off then pulling over to make a phone call which really annoyingly isn’t answered. But maybe that’s the point.

Midnight with You
Another great atmospheric opening, great layering of sounds and the vocals are processed excellently for the style of song. Drums / percussion are quite sparse but work really well.

Highway Lights
Another great ambient opening with strings and some great layered background sounds. The song maintains a great flow throughout and is my favourite on the album.

Brilliant soundscape with excellent layering again. I really like the processing of the vocal snippets. The song has a great ambience that kind of washes over you yet the drums / percussion give a good momentum too. Great quote at the end of the song.

Great piano playing to open with a broken kick beat and sparse percussive sounds which fades to be replaced by a more defined groove with great drum sounds which have a real acoustic feel with great layering of other percussion sounds too. The song has a sparse feel and a nice edge from some of the off beat elements. It’s not breakbeat or glitch as such but has subtle use of this sort of feel.

Past Tense
There’s an edgy synth sound to open against background sound effects. Drums / percussion give a really good momentum. There’s a really nice edge of tension to this song too, especially with the reversed sounds.

Summer 2002
Great use of field recorded sounds against a really nice jazz piano riff. The percussion has a 2 step feel which creates a great contrast. There are some really good layered background sounds and a nice edge of tension and great change in feel.

Looking Back
Really sparse metallic violin type of sound to open, gives a great edge of tension. Contrasts really well with the more upfront drums and percussion. The string sound loses the metallic qualities and spoken vocal parts add a great element to the song.

Until the End
Great piano to open, again with a field recording in the background. Really sparse production and also quotes from film or TV (I think) which sits low in the mix. Great production, layering is excellent and creates a great edge of tension.

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Review of ‘The Kyvu Tapes Vol. 1 (1990 – 1998)’ by Demian Castellanos on Hands in the Dark (HITD25) & Cardinal Fuzz (CFUL039) — July 29, 2015

Review of ‘The Kyvu Tapes Vol. 1 (1990 – 1998)’ by Demian Castellanos on Hands in the Dark (HITD25) & Cardinal Fuzz (CFUL039)


You probably know Demian Castellanos as the man behind the London psyche rock outfit The Oscillation. Cardinal Fuzz and their European best partner in crime Hands In The Dark are teaming-up to release “The Kyvu Tapes Vol.1 (1990-1998)”.

Demian grew up in a house called Kyvu (which means “view of the dog” in local dialect) in a village called The Lizard where the view from his house overlooked Kynance Cove in Cornwall. All of which act as reference points as Demian Castellanos takes you on a sonic exploration on the Kyvu Tapes Vol.1.

The fruit of his 90’s decade-long, obsession for the infinite possibilities offered by the electric guitar – playing it with forks, knives, bits of paper, volume control, and making the most of the effects pedals he had – was countless hours of experimentation and sonic explorations on a 4-track Tascam Porta 3. Largely influenced by new sound of the British psyche/shoegaze scene of that time, his music could be described as analog and guitar based ambient music or room drones, a vast auditory map of sonic places to lose himself in and immerse himself in a surreal/non-real present time of that period.

15 years down the line, Demian decided to dig out his endless night and day recordings of that period, reflecting now a bizarre conversation between his older and younger self.

The Kyvu Tapes Vol. 1 (1990 – 1998) was jointly released by Hands in the Dark (HITD25) and Cardinal Fuzz (CFUL039). It was released on 4th May 2015 so I have to apologise for the delayed review because Hands in the Dark have sold out and Cardinal Fuzz have only 4 Sam Giles CD editions left which are available here. However, the good news is that you may be able to still get vinyl / CD and digital versions from Demian’s bandcamp page here.


This is an outstanding album, meticulously crafted with brilliant guitar tones used to great effect. There are excellent evolving soundscapes with a real brooding quality at times. It’s mesmerising and hypnotic yet just a bit edgy too which keeps grabbing your attention. Background sounds are similarly excellent crafted and layered to great effect. This is even more remarkable considering that these songs were recorded on a Tascam 4 track.

High Road Raga
This song has a brilliant evolving opening with great layering of sound effects, reverse sounds and a drone. The melody emerges against a swirling background with a subtle acoustic riff in the background. It’s an excellent soundscape and a very hypnotic song.

An excellent evolving, swirling opening with great use of delay creates a great movement in the sound which ebbs and flows really well.

Time Slip
A slow evolving opening which has a real brooding quality. Excellent sounds are really well layered with great effects. There’s a kind of shimmering feel to the sounds which contrasts really well against the drone. It has a feeling of space travel.

Lizard Raga
This song has great slide guitar and a sparse riff to open, excellent background sounds again too and it has a kind of blues-raga feel. There’s an awesome distorted guitar tone which creates a killer drone. The song has the feeling of a jam / improv managing to be hypnotic yet a bit edgy too which really grabs your attention.

Photon Waterfall
There’s a great delayed arp riff to open with and a really nice interplay with the bass arp too. Great sound effects again, a hint of tension from the ‘metallic’ type sounds and a hint of dissonance too.

This is such a beautiful song, delayed percussion works really well with shimmering chords, riff and background sound effects. A brilliant soundscape and a really captivating song. I don’t like making comparisons but if Joe Satriani joined Pink Floyd it would sound something like this.

This song has a harsh feel, a slow evolving opening again with a drone and harsh distorted sounds developing into more of a pulsating sound to end.

Headless Aztec
There’s a great delayed note with feedback to open the song and percussion gives a great momentum. There’s a kind of panpipe – but processed – sound which plays a haunting melody and the background feedback sounds give the song a real eerie quality. This gives way to feedback and swooshing wind type sounds with some reversed sounds too. There’s great movement in the sounds with an emerging riff with great use of delay and reverse sounds to end the song.

Particle Suspension
A rumbling with sweeping and metallic string sound to open, the song has great movement and evolving sounds with a touch of dissonance. The song has quite an edgy sound.

A brilliant distorted tone to open with delayed, reversed, evolving sounds. There’s great layering again and an excellent soundscape. Subtle background string type sounds work really well against the drone. It’s quite mesmerising with an edge that really holds your attention. The evolving guitar riff has a real ethereal feel.

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Review of Ella Squirrell ‘Loop’ EP on Gospel Oak Records — July 28, 2015

Review of Ella Squirrell ‘Loop’ EP on Gospel Oak Records


Ella Squirrell grew up surrounded by creativity in the beautiful town of Bridport in Dorset. She has always felt at one with the natural world, returning to nature as a comfort in her song-writing. She has recently spent six months living and working in London, after discovering it to be a great base for music, and has returned to Dorset with a wealth of experience.

Loop is a 4 track EP which has a brilliant vibe. There are hints of jazz and a real smooth natural sound from the percussion and bass. Ella’s vocals are sublime – beautiful, effortless and enchanting. The production is also excellent which really highlights Ella’s vocals and gives that great chilled, natural sound.

Quiet Fire
This song has a great electric piano type sound to open, percussion and bass enter and build gradually as you’re captivated by Ella’s beautiful voice. There’s a great smooth chilled vibe to the song and excellent background harmonies. There are nice changes in feel too.

There’s a great jazz feel to the opening electric piano accompanied by Ella’s smooth vocals with some really nice harmonies too. The drumming and bass give a solid momentum and there’s an excellent arrangement and production again. The clarinet adds a great element to the song.

Trust is a White Dove
A stunningly beautiful and equally sad song, great piano playing and really emotive vocals, natural bass, percussion and strings too. The arrangement is excellent, quite sparse but really focuses your attention on the vocals and piano.

Really like the trumpet to open the song, a great groove is provided by percussion and bass. Ella’s vocals again are superb, enchanting and captivating. A string type synth riff adds a great contrasting element to the more natural sounds. Just a hint of an edge of tension which works really well.

Loop is available on iTunes and you can also catch Ella live on Friday 14th August at the Beach and Barnicott, Bridport, UK. Further details can be found here.

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Review of ‘Voices’ Single by Lights that Change on Ear to Ear Records — July 24, 2015

Review of ‘Voices’ Single by Lights that Change on Ear to Ear Records


Lights That Change is an alternative dreampop ethereal wave outfit, hailing from North Wales and headed by Marc Joy. After many years producing and engineering other artists, he turned his attention towards his own solo and collaborative creative endeavours. Thus was born Lights That Change, aimed at getting back to why he began a musical career in the first place and channeling his energies into creating the perfect dreamscape sonic horizon, primarily based on guitars.

Over the past year, Lights That Change have undergone a reformation, with Mandy Clare on vocals, John Bryan on bass and Marc Joy on guitars. They are now gearing up to release their debut LP ‘Byzantium’, which will be ready for release this summer and includes guest vocals by Rebecca Palin (Golden Fable) and drums by Mal Holmes (Orchestral Manoeuvers In The Dark).

Voices was released on Ear to Ear Records on 11th May and a video has also been created by British filmographer Jason Sheppard which is embedded below.

This is a stunning and really captivating song. It’s mesmeric, hypnotic, beautiful and haunting too. It’s been on repeat so many times I’ve worn the mp3 out, figuratively speaking any way.

The song opens superbly with a great jangly riff and harmonies, the bass adds a hint of tension and drumming enters to give a great momentum. In fact the bass is excellent throughout the song, I really like the way it sits more prominently in the mix, it’s a really important part of the sound. The guitar riff has a lilting feel at times, adding a really nice edge of tension against the other elements and a great interplay with the bass. The vocals are sublimely beautiful with superb harmonies, processed perfectly for the style of the song.

I absolutely cannot wait for the release of Byzantium!

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Review of ‘Incredible Adventures’ by Evening Fires on Deep Water Acres — July 22, 2015

Review of ‘Incredible Adventures’ by Evening Fires on Deep Water Acres


This is a sister album to ‘Where I’ve Been is Places and What I’ve Seen is Things’ which I’ve previously reviewed here. It contains tracks which didn’t quite make it onto that album and is available from Deep Water Acres or Sunrise Ocean Bender’s bandcamp page.

This is a great complimentary release, it is a superb album. There’s some excellent acoustic guitar, improvisation and feedback sounds with great layering of background sounds too. There’s a really nice edge of tension but that said, there’s also great meditative and hypnotic qualities at times and a great improvised / jam feel at times too. The songs are great soundscapes, slowly evolving with great movement in the sound too.

Big Farmer Big Jesus
An acoustic riff to open, subtle drumming gives a great momentum and great layering of sounds builds a great soundscape. There’s a hint of tension from dissonance at times, the song is a slow groove with great movement in the sound and feel, building to a fade out release.

There is no Going Without Returning
A great soundscape, the song opens with layered sounds and bass adds a really nice element. The song slowly evolves, there’s a good tension to the song that really holds your attention. There’s great movement in the sounds with background sounds evolving and changing. An organ sound builds gradually and there’s great interaction of its prominence against background sounds and there’s a really nice guitar lead part to end.

Unaussprechlichen Kulten
This song has a cinematic feel to the opening, sounds like it’s improvised guitar and there’s some great background sounds too. Again there’s an edge of tension which really holds your attention. There’s a nice contrast between the slower background sounds and more intense guitar playing. Another great soundscape, the intense guitar becomes more sparse turning into a more jangly type sound. The song has hypnotic qualities and meditative qualities too as the tension builds really well through the song with a final release.

Staring Down The Gullet of the Great Beyond Part III
There’s an acoustic riff to open with background sound effects, drumming and bass provide a solid foundation. This song has great jam / improvisation qualities with great layering of sounds. The song evolves slowly again with great meditative qualities and just a hint of tension, increasing to a final crescendo and release.

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Review of ‘Where I’ve Been is Places and What I’ve Seen is Things’ album by Evening Fires on Sunrise Ocean Bender —

Review of ‘Where I’ve Been is Places and What I’ve Seen is Things’ album by Evening Fires on Sunrise Ocean Bender


This is a brilliant album which has a superb jam quality to it covering slow burning grooves, space rock and a bit of what lies between. There are some excellent jams, improvisations and the grooves evolve with brilliant exploration of different themes.

Unsurprisingly it’s been very popular, so the first thing I have to do is apologise for taking so long to publish the review because at the time of writing, there are only 8 gold vinyl copies left (although there are black vinyl versions too and also a digital copy) available from Sunrise Ocean Bender’s Bandcamp page. Cardinal Fuzz also carry a few copies but they have only got 4, yes 4, black vinyl copies left so you better move quick. They are available from Cardinal Fuzz website.

Roll Away The Stones
A brilliant slow evolving groove with great background sounds effects, a banjo and excellently layered guitar are joined by great drumming and bass as momentum gradually builds. The song has a great chilled groove with an excellent build and release of tension.

We Cast Our Lots With The Waves
To put it simply, this one is brilliantly trippy. It has a slow accordian groove with some excellent background sounds and a ‘space’ sounding arpeggio too. The song has a great groove, there’s a really good evolution of the sound.

Staring Down The Gullet of the Great Beyond Part I
This song has a more uptempo groove to open with which is provided by solid drumming and bass. It has excellent layered lead playing, it is a great improvisation with mesmeric qualities.

Space Mountain
There are great delayed feedback type sounds to open, this is accompanied by free-form drumming and bass and there’s some great delayed guitar too. Another evolving groove with an excellent jam feel to it there’s some great improvisation and exploration of different themes.

Too Many Ravens Not Enough Corpses
This song has a great guitar riff and bass to open, strings add a haunting quality against the background sound effects. A slow evolving groove with a great tension throughout.

Staring Down the Gullet of the Great Beyond Part II
This song has an uptempo feel to the opening, great drumming and bass again with sparse guitar, tempo slows to a great groove with excellent delayed guitar and background sound effects. Another mesmeric song, brilliant exploration of the theme with a great release to round off the song and album.

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Review of ‘God of War’ compilation on Factory Fast Records — July 21, 2015

Review of ‘God of War’ compilation on Factory Fast Records

God of War compilation


There’s a great range of songs on this compilation, solid rock sounds with hints of blues, jazz, even rock and roll at times. Both the playing and vocals are excellent, there’s a great vibe to the album and just a touch of angst to add a great edge of tension.

Genuine Crude – Walkabout A great synth sound and drumming to open with a nice distorted lead riff and harmonies. Riffing creates a great brooding quality and the sound really opens up in the chorus. A great rock sound with a laid back vibe and a hint of lonesome.

Love Child – I’d Go Crazy Great drumming and organ to open with a great bluesy riff. Vocals are great, a really good blues rock feel with nice change in momentum in the chorus. There’s a positive vibe with a touch of angst in the vocals and a great solo too.

The Blue Project – God of War Great driving riff and bass to open propelled by solid drumming. The brass parts give a great sound, kind of jazz blues rock. The song has great vocals, really soulful. There’s really good riffing and solos with a great singalong quality to the chorus.

Leo and the Tolstoys – Monsters (trip – goth version) Great flange / phaser sound to open with and strummed open chord and nice solo. Drumming gives a great vibe and the vocals are excellent. There’s a great sound between rock, surf and western interspersed with a great heavy riff. The song has a great simmering tension.

Queen Bitch – Wild Heart There’s a brilliant vibe to this song, great piano and distorted riff to open leading into a rock and roll feel. The song has great riffing propelled by solid drumming and excellent vocals which give a great momentum. Really nice changes in feel too, a great expansive sound in the chorus and great solo too.

Ryan Young – Bobby Boy Great uptempo, slightly distorted acoustic guitar riff is joined by bass and sparse but really effective percussion. Great vocals, they create a really nice edge of tension at times. The song has a great momentum and really good solo too. A great sound somewhere between blues and western, has a great lonesome feel at times.

Matt Davis – Flash This song has a great acoustic riff to open accompanied by excellent vocals and slide / steel guitar which creates a great vibe with a really nice edge of tension. The song has a really good arrangement with a nice solo to end.

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Review of ‘Hannah in the Wars’ album by Hannah in the Wars — July 20, 2015

Review of ‘Hannah in the Wars’ album by Hannah in the Wars

Picture 112

Songwriter Hannah Curwood originates from the stark, remote region of Central Otago in New Zealand. Now based in London, Hannah in the Wars is a new project, the result of working alongside Roger O’Donnell of The Cure and a handpicked group of musicians.

To put it simply, this is a remarkable album. Stunningly beautiful, yet equally sad at times, Hannah in the Wars deeply connects with brilliantly crafted lyrics, stunning vocals and outstanding production which gives the album a really natural organic feel.

Burning Through the Night
Lovely tremelo chords to open, strummed riff gives a great edge of tension. Vocals are beautiful with a great edge of angst at times. A brilliant arrangement, piano, sound effects and string sounds create a great change in feel building tension really well with a release at the end of the song.

The Hunter
There’s a great opening vibe from piano and an acoustic strummed riff and superb vocals again. Strings and bass add great elements to the sound. The song has a simmering tension at times.

Rear View Mirror
This song has a more uptempo feel, the bass gives great momentum backed by a strummed riff. The piano works really well, the vocals are excellent again with nice harmonies and there’s a simmering tension to this song too with a nice build and release of tension.

Watch the dog grow old together
Lovely piano and vocals to open accompanied by a strummed riff. The song has excellent vocals and harmonies, it’s a really sad song.

Sweet Release
This song has an almost Celtic feel to the opening, the percussion has an urgency which works really well against the more laid back vocals and piano. The bass gives a great momentum and the vocals are excellent with some really nice harmonies.

Only Wanna Be
I really like the emerging opening, vocals and string / organ sound create a great ambience, the piano adds a nice element and percussion and bass give a great momentum. The song has a haunting beauty, a great arrangement again with lovely harmonies and subtle guitar.

Like A Stone
There’s a great drone to open, beautiful vocals with lovely harmonies again. Sparse arrangement but really effective. Jangly guitar riff gives a great momentum and there’s some excellently layered sounds, some of which are quite subtle which build a great tension.

There’s a great tone for the opening riff developing more of a jangly chord feel and the guitar has an open tuning or detuned feel which creates a great sound. Really nice piano again and great vocals with lovely harmonies. Excellent arrangement again.

Lay Your Hands
A great vibe to this song, it has an effected electric piano riff against a background sound which works really well. The vocals are really chilled with lovely harmonies and the strummed guitar adds a nice touch.

Dark Summer Dawn
Great bass and strummed guitar chords to open, drumming gives a great momentum. Vocals are great with excellent harmonies again. Some great layered sounds with excellent production. There’s a really nice change in feel which creates a great build and release of tension.

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Review of ‘Ancestors’ album by Cartesian Jetstream — July 15, 2015

Review of ‘Ancestors’ album by Cartesian Jetstream

Cartesian Jetstream


I really like the positive vibe of this album, Cartesian Jetstream have a great sound, the bass and drumming is excellent and provides a solid backbone. It’s great to see the bass take prominence at times too. The guitar playing is excellent, a great range of tones from clean and jangly to distorted and a great range of riffs and solos too. The vocals are also excellent having a laid back feel creating a great vibe and there are excellent harmonies too.

Ancestors This song has a great riff to open, bass propels the song and drumming / percussion gives a great momentum. There are really good harmonies and a great vibe to the song. The vocals suit the style of the song really well and there’s a nice change of feel for the chorus.

Limousines A different feel but a similar vibe, bass and drumming provide a solid backbone. The guitar playing has really good riffs and chord vamps with nice variation in tone from jangly to more distorted. The vocals have a softer spoken feel which suits the song really well.

Celebrities A great uptempo riff with solid drumming and bass again. The vocals are excellent with really good harmonies. Great riffs again, really nice variation in tone and riff style.

Invisible Ink A great harp type sound to open, there’s more of a vamp feel from the chord style. There are really good distorted solo lines. Excellent vocals again, the song has a great vibe.

Foxes Great drumming and a cross between an organ and feedback sound to open, guitar has a great distorted tone converting to a more jangly tone for riffs during the verse. There are some really nice vocal harmonies, again the bass, drumming and percussion provide a solid backbone.

Ashes There’s a great jangly, slightly distorted riff to open propelled by solid drumming and bass again. The vocals are excellent with some great harmonies. There are really nice changes in feel with guitar solos and there’s a good variety of tones again.

Transparent Eyelids There’s a great tremelo organ type sound propelled by solid bass and drumming again. The guitar has a great variety of riffs and chord vamps through the song, some really nice changes of feel too.

Molten Tin Great feedback and delay to open, quite a jangly guitar riff. The chords have a slight vamp feel and there’s some great distorted guitar layered really well. Solid bass and drumming and some really nice harmonies again too.

Slightly Real There’s an uptempo feel to the opening riff and great swirling background sounds. A great chord vamp, the song has an edgy feel at times with a nice build and release of tension. Again solid bass and drumming to give great momentum and there are some great effects on the vocals at times. A really good vibe to the song.

Splinters A great synth sound to open, really nice jangly riff propelled by bass and drumming. The song has quite a laid back feel, a chilled vibe at times. Great vocals and harmonies again.

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Cities and Memory – Sound Waves project launch (13/07/15) — July 13, 2015

Cities and Memory – Sound Waves project launch (13/07/15)

Sound Waves project


Cities and Memory launch their Sound Waves project today which runs all week building up to world listening day on Saturday 18th July. The main link for the sound map and playlist is here.

The sound map is live today and all week there will be regular blog posts on individual sounds (usually when people have supplied some notes/background story behind their sound) and with contributions from 38 sound artists worldwide, there’s lots of re-imagined sounds to listen to. Some of these will be selected for the World Listening Day album – a selection of project highlights that flow together as a listening experience for an album too.

And on Saturday Cities and Memory will be launching the recomposed piece ‘Sound Waves’. Constructed entirely from the submitted re-imagined sounds – sometimes whole pieces, sometimes snippets, a coherent 30-minute piece that represents a collective re-imagining of the role water plays in our lives.

I’m a keen contributor to Cities and Memory projects and this one was no exception. I used one of Cities and Memory’s recordings, from Botany Bay, Margate, Kent, UK. There’s something very appealing about the sound of breaking waves and the recording reminded me of the novel ‘The Sea Priestess’ by Dion Fortune.

And that’s how the entry began, the idea to use the recording as the backdrop for a reading from ‘The Sea Priestess’. My first thought was the reading would be more suited to a female voice and Kim (aka Bellyfullofstar on twitter) sprung to mind straightaway because she had been interested in participating but previously hadn’t had time and a collaboration seemed a good way for her to get involved if possible. Kim was very keen on the idea and the song developed from there. Kim had two recordings of rain / storms which fitted perfectly with the theme of ‘The Sea Priestess’.

The background sound comprised of 4 instances of the Botany Bay sample loaded into Polygon by Glitchmachines and processed with varying granulation, filter and modulation effects. One of Kim’s samples was processed in a very similar way with Polygon and also in Subvert by Glitchmachines to create a drone. Kim’s other recording was processed in Convex, also by Glitchmachines.

Kim then improvised a one-take piano piece based on the overtones and also created a reverse track layered on the top. The recorded passage from ‘The Sea Priestess’ was then chopped up in Audacity, stretched and then layered against the clean reading using different delay effects.

The resulting song is called ‘Our Lady is Also the Moon’ after the reading used. It can be found on the soundmap, there are two from the Margate area. I’m really happy with the result and the process went extremely smoothly, especially considering that myself and Kim are on different sides of the Atlantic and use different DAW software. Parts of the song happened by accident, other parts just came together really easily. I’m not sure if that was because of some of the magic that Glitchmachines somehow put into their VSTs or a little help from the Sea Priestess herself.

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