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Review of The New Southern Electrikk – Mother of Earth single — November 28, 2014

Review of The New Southern Electrikk – Mother of Earth single

The New Southern Electrikk



New Southern Electrikk on facebook

Less than twenty-four hours after posting their first demo online, The New Southern Electrikk were named New Band of the Day by influential UK Music site Louder Than War, attracted the attention of two highly respected UK producers and found a new fan in The Lemonheads’ Evan Dando.

And it’s no surprise why when you listen to this cover of Mother of Earth by The Gun Club.

The song opens with great drums and bassline which gives the song a real drive and maintains a great momentum. It has a kind of 80s stark feel at times which is complimented perfectly by the vocals which are really well layered. Monica’s voice suits the style brilliantly, it is mesmerising, smooth but also a bit edgy at times.

Although this song is a cover, a double A side is scheduled for release later this month and also an album planned for release next year. Given the great sound of New Southern Electrikk – soulful, mesmerising with a great dark edge – I’m really looking forward to hearing future releases.

#WEATNU : We Are The New Underground – are you? — November 26, 2014

#WEATNU : We Are The New Underground – are you?

If you’ve seen the #WEATNU hashtag floating around twitter lately, you may be wondering what it’s all about. Well the embedded podcast above features 2 hours of WEATNU artists and will give you a pretty good idea.

#WEATNU – We Are The New Underground

WEATNU website

Simply put, it’s a showcase for hidden electronic music talent. WEATNU wants to allow your music to be heard again. By seeking out the unknown musicians who are doing amazing things in their home studios, it gives musicians the exposure they need, on a word of mouth basis.

And to be honest, it’s a great showcase. The website has weekly artist features, interviews, podcasts and even a 24/7 netradio stream. And what I really like about the whole concept is that it’s not about money. There’s no exclusivity or contracts involved. The website does not make money from submitted music, neither does the Internet radio station and neither of these are ad-supported. As an artist you therefore won’t receive royalties as a result but you get something much more valuable – exposure. The opportunity to get your music heard and find great new artists in the process is much more rewarding. Something increasingly difficult to do yourself these days it seems and if you don’t like it you can simply opt out.

How do get you get involved? Firstly I’d advise checking the website link above. It has loads of information and explains what WEATNU is all about in more detail. If you want to submit songs that’s easy – it’s a simple case of submitting your music to the Soundcloud group and they’ll get you started once the music is screened and approved. WEATNU Soundcloud page

Favourite Videos of the Week (23/11/14) — November 24, 2014

Favourite Videos of the Week (23/11/14)

Another great selection:

Vague Notion – Human Love Song
Really like the visuals on this video, the song is really well arranged and uses some great bass and synth sounds. The vocals are also excellent and suit the style really well.


The Delta Saints – Steppin
Love the simplicity to this video which is really well shot. The song has a great simplicity as well, the vocals are brilliant, really soulful, and the playing is great too.


Them the Sky – Echolalia
Great visuals on the video, it’s really hypnotic and suits the song really well. The song evolves slowly with the video, having great ambient / drone qualities before bursting into a more defined rhythm and sound with great momentum. The song is really well produced with nice changes in rhythm and it has great vocals which have a really nice laid back feel.


Denormal – Bleed
Great visuals to the video which has a really nice dark edge to it at times. The song is excellently produced, a great synthpop / EBM style with a really tight sound with spot on vocals which suit the style really well.


Glitchfield Plaines – Nine
Glitchfield Plaines shot and edited the video themselves, there are some great visuals which have a create a kind of mystery and really hold your attention. The song evolves really well and has an ambient sound but with a great edge provided by some of the drone-type sounds.


Narrow Planes – Choices (Live)
Brilliant idea for a video, filming the band playing the song sat in a field. The song has a great chilled vibe, great riffing and the two guitars compliment each other really well. The vocals have a great edge to them with some really nice harmonies and a really nice touch to play percussion whilst sat on the box. And there’s even some free bird sounds for good measure too.

Review of LDCN – Into the Night Sky album on Mobius Spin (mbsspn012) — November 23, 2014

Review of LDCN – Into the Night Sky album on Mobius Spin (mbsspn012)


LDCN on twitter

I’m really pleased that Mobius Spin has released this album. There are some great soundscapes, sometimes with an edgy feel, which work really well. LDCN describes Into the Night Sky as ‘mixed rough’ but that aspect really adds to the sound, giving the album a more spontaneous almost live feel at times.

Odyssey This song is a great opener to the album, it sets the scene of exploration, a really good soundscape with a sense of anticipation.

Night Sky has a great opening sound, really builds a sense of tension. There’s a really nice use of delay effect too.

Searching Again, this song creates a great soundscape which builds a great tension through layering and feedback.

Descent has a nice opening rhythm with a different feel to the rest of the songs. There is a really good use of layering against the rhythm.

Zoned This song is quite short but has great sounds and a really good beat.

Strange Mind II has slowly evolving sounds, great bell type sounds and again a really good soundscape.

In the Distance Opens with great percussion and swirling sounds, the vinyl effect works really well and creates a nice glitchy rhythm and the song has a great edgy feel.

Static Another great soundscape, evolving sounds create a nice tension.

Up Here Great synth and bass sounds gives a nice chord movement and creates a nice tension and resolution. Percussion gives the song momentum.

Exploration Another great soundscape, great evolving sounds and a really nice sample to end the album.

Review of No Hot Ashes – Goose / Skank single — November 20, 2014

Review of No Hot Ashes – Goose / Skank single


No Hot Ashes on twitter

No Hot Ashes are a four piece band from Manchester comprising of Isaac, Luigi, Jack and Matt and on the basis of this single they are definitely one to watch in 2015. They have got a few gigs lined up including the Stag and Hounds in Bristol on Sat 29th November and the Soup Kitchen, Manchester on 13th December so if you get the chance to see them live I’d definitely check them out, more details can be found on their twitter page.

I only really need one word for this review – outstanding, absolutely bloody brilliant! OK that’s four. No Hot Ashes just have a really cool sound – tight knit, funky, punchy and edgy. The single is excellently produced without being too polished which means their style and edginess really stands out.

The single comprises of two songs and both are available to buy on iTunes and considering they are priced at 79p each, they’re an absolute steal.

Goose This song just has a great sound. The tight drums and bass provide a really solid rhythm, the vocals are excellent and the guitar playing is spot on, great funky riffs. It has really nice changes in rhythm and is one of those songs that you just can’t help sing along to.

Skank Is then an excellent choice to compliment Goose. It has a great feel with a nice edge, having a brilliant funky bassline to open accompanied by great drumming. It also has spot on guitar playing with great riffing and again the vocals are excellent.

Have you got or ever had a bad case of STI – Sample Transmitted Ignominy? — November 18, 2014

Have you got or ever had a bad case of STI – Sample Transmitted Ignominy?

Let’s be honest. You like to be faithful to your music creating your own sounds but sometimes, just sometimes, you want to experiment with someone else.

And there’s nothing wrong with that. No one gets hurt, nobody really needs to know.

But be careful, you don’t know where they’ve been, and what they’ve picked up along the way.

If you pay for it, that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s safer or cleaner even though you think it would. There are no obvious symptoms.

Sample Transmitted Ignominy. It’s quite nasty and you may not even realise you’ve  got it.  Look for the symptoms –  it might be scratchy or cause aural discomfort.  If you have got it don’t worry, it’s easily cured by treating with a course of EQ. A range of free and paid treatments are available for all scenarios.

So next time you’re tempted the advice is simple – take precautions.  Make sure they’re clean before you use them so there are no nasty artifacts or unwanted frequencies that you could unwittingly transmit to your listeners. Remember it’s your responsibility as an artist – your listeners can’t treat it, only suffer the consequences.

Review of 3dtorus – Return to Inner Membrania album —

Review of 3dtorus – Return to Inner Membrania album


3dtorus on twitter; 3dtorus on bandcamp

This is one of 3 recent releases from 3dtorus, the other two being The Bass Tape and Solomon and Sheba with a fourth, Lectrodub, to follow very shortly on 21st November.

Return to Inner Membrania is a great album which combines elements of techno and dub very well. The production is spot on, great layering of sounds and percussion sounds are brilliant and very well used, often having a natural organic feel against the more techno sounds. There’s also a bit of an edge to the album which really attracts and holds your attention.

Announcement There is a great percussive opening to this song with a subtle bass. It has a really nice dub delay effect too. The song builds really well and has a great vibe.

Take Off A great rhythmic opening, percussive elements are used really well. The song has a great melody and is really well produced.

New Shores Another song with a great percussive opening, the bass and sound effects build really nicely. The song has a great vibe, the gnarly bass gives the song a great edge, it has quite hypnotic qualities.

Into the Woods Has a great opening groove which is maintained throughout the song. There is also a tension which builds really well.

Esmeralda Great metallic sounds for the intro to the song which is propelled by a solid bassline. There is great layering of sounds and use of delay.

Clouds Above Continues with a similar sort of metallic hit percussive sound, building a bassline and synth sounds. Again there is great layering of sounds and production of the song.

Plain Food Great bassline to open the song with a really nice percussive backing. The lead synth has a great sound with really nice use of delay. The song maintains a great groove.

Path on Fire Great percussive rhythm with delay, the bass builds gradually. Some great acid synth type sounds create a great groove.

Review of Teenage Wildlife – Come on and Shoot single — November 12, 2014

Review of Teenage Wildlife – Come on and Shoot single

Teenage Wildlife - Come on and Shoot



Teenage Wildlife website
Teenage Wildlife on facebook
Teenage Wildlife on twitter

John Wright is a multi-instrumentalist based in Shoreditch, London. Priding himself on an entirely self-sufficient approach to his music, John writes, plays and records drums, bass, guitar and keys in his attic studio. His compositions have appeared on fashion films for Fendi and Dior and he recently directed ‘Savile Row is Rock N Roll’ a short film for GQ’s featuring some of Britain’s most iconic musicians, collaborating on its soundtrack with Paul Weller, Johnny Marr and Duran Duran’s John Taylor.

A pair of singles released earlier this year, ‘Last Great Love Affair’ and ‘Most Beautiful Thing’, received worldwide airplay and had the likes of Netsky and One Direction’s Harry Styles taking to social media to praise them. Despite this success, John’s background remains his primary motivating force. “I had a pretty rough upbringing” he explains. “I think the term is ‘underprivileged’. I designed Teenage Wildlife as a vehicle to express myself musically and I use the funds I raise to support charities that help underprivileged young people.”

Come on and Shoot is scheduled for release on 5th January 2015. Simply put, it is a fantastic song. Brilliantly melodic, seamlessly blending dub and electronica elements to also give it also a glitchy and edgy sound at times. It has outstanding male and female vocals which are brilliantly layered as indeed are all of the sounds. The production is spot on, allowing the different elements to stand out creating a great overall sound.

On the basis of this song, The Degenerate Art Exhibition, the debut album scheduled for released in Spring 2015 is definitely one to look out for.

Favourite Videos of the Week (06/11/14) – part 2 — November 6, 2014

Favourite Videos of the Week (06/11/14) – part 2

Special bonus – I couldn’t wait until next week because these videos are all great so here’s part 2!

The Sunday Reeds – Jean-Luc
Really well produced video, great cinematography and nice use of colour and black and white. The song has great momentum provided by really tight drums and bass and is propelled by brilliant edgy guitar with a great tone, soloing too. Not forgetting the vocals, they’re excellent and suit the style of the song really well.


Andy Manning – Need Ya
I really like the production of the video, it’s really well shot with lots of slow motion, even includes a slow motion slap. Andy’s vocals are great, suit the style of the song really well.


Francesca Fabris – So Close to You
Great natural feel to the video, really well shot and produced. The song has a similar feel, Francesca has a beautiful voice and a great playing style.


Arcelia – Long Man
Such a cool video, kind of augmented reality the way that animation is combined with the footage. The song is brilliant too, great vocals and although there’s a kind of sadness to the song it ends on a real positive note. I’m really looking forward to listening and reviewing Arcelia’s album in the near future.


Helmholtz Resonators – Automaton
Outstanding video! A great retro yet modern feel, a bit crazy in places maybe but very cleverly made and suits the song perfectly. The song has a brilliant vibe, very catchy and is really well produced with great vocals and clever lyrics.


Alien Skin – I’m Your Machine
I liked the production of this video, really well put together and suits the song really well. The song has a great synthpop sound with a driving bass, a brilliant lead synth sound and great vocals which are ideal for this style.

Favourite Videos of the Week (06/11/14) —

Favourite Videos of the Week (06/11/14)

Unfortunately I seem to have missed a week, but don’t worry, I’ve made up for it with this selection:

Braver than Fiction – Your Little Fantasy
Really like the way the video was shot in black and white and in colour and the aged look to the video in places. The song is really well produced, Braver than Fiction have a great edgy sound with great vocals too.


Nick John Wilson – Coming Home
This is a beautiful acoustic song, Nick has an great voice and plays the song really well. The video is a nice combination of travelling home and Nick’s playing of the song.


Paaliaq – Codes
Great time lapse photography in this video by Alphaman. The song is a great ambient soundscape with really nice piano and an awesomely deep bass.


The Frisbys – Philosolove
Brilliant animation which is taken from ‘The Romantic’ by Michael P Heneghan. The song has a great sound, really well produced with great harmonies.


Puppet Rebellion – Cupboards Painted Red
I’m a big fan of the previous video for Pirouette and Puppet Rebellion have followed up with another great video here. There’s great imagery with some brilliant slow motion shots. The song is also excellent, Puppet Rebellion have a really tight sound with great vocals and a great edge to their sound.


E Gone – You Will Sing
Great idea for the video, simple but really effective and quite mesmerising. The song goes really well with the video having ambient and drone qualities and a great guitar tone.