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Review of Dead Sea Apes – High Evolutionary on Cardinal Fuzz (CFUL029) — October 30, 2014

Review of Dead Sea Apes – High Evolutionary on Cardinal Fuzz (CFUL029)

Dead Sea Apes


High Evolutionary is available on clear frosted vinyl (not many left), black vinyl or there’s also a CD edition and is released on 3rd November 2014 from Cardinal Fuzz online shop

Dead Sea Apes have created a great sound for High Evolutionary, their second full length album. They use drone, feedback and sound effect elements to great effect. The guitar has great tone and production is spot on which allows songs to evolve and grow. Dead Sea Apes masterfully build great grooves and ambience in their songs whilst at the same time creating a tension against this with great lead lines and dub echoes used to great effect. This truly is a masterpiece and highly recommended.

Threads has great drone qualities to the introduction and builds really well with sound effects and feedback elements. The drums and bass create a groove accompanied by some nice trem guitar. Quite a sparse sound but really well produced.

Planetarium There are some really nice feedback / delay elements to open the song. The drums and bass build a really good tension. There is great guitar tone for the lead line. The song builds really well with a great dub feel at times, releasing tension at the end.

03 This track doesn’t appear to have a title and is quite short at just under a minute and a half but even so has a great has a great evolving sound with nice use of a drone and delay.

Turpentine Again this song has a drone quality to the introduction with a great distorted guitar tone in the background. A really good lead line creates a nice tension.

Alejandro There is a great guitar tone on the opening riff. The organ works really well in the background. The song uses brush type percussion and has a tight bassline too. It has an element of the lonesome about it and builds tension really well.

Regolith There is a great gnarly guitar tone on the opening riff. The song has a great groove with a darker, heavier feel at times than some of the other songs.

Wolf II The introduction builds really well, a nice blend of bass, percussion and feedback elements. The lead line again has a great tone and there is great tension in the song which evolves really well to a final release.

Favourite videos of the week (23/10/14) — October 23, 2014

Favourite videos of the week (23/10/14)

Another great selection:

Bad Cardigan – ESIABAAT
Tom and Jack have a great sound with great vocals and harmonies which is really highlighted on this song.


Piotrzaq – Harmony Deeper
I’m always a fan of time lapse in a video. This video also has some great imagery and the song suits it really well having a great drive, great sounds and I really like the vocals.


John McCullagh and the Escorts – Box of Tricks
The band have a really tight knit great sound and they’ve produced a cool video too.


Wozniak – Paper Hat
There’s really good imagery in the video, very creative use of old film clips. The song has a really well produced sound and maintains a really good momentum.


Chloe March – Winter Deep
Another video which has really good imagery and a great song to match, Chloe’s smooth vocals work really well against the tension in the rhythm of the song.


High Hazels – Banging on my Door
This is a really cool video, especially like the way it was shot in black and white. High Hazels have a great sound with great vocals, surely the lass at the end should have been made up you were playing in her front room?

Review of Roofhare and Friends – Fantastique Plastique on Mobius Spin (mbsspn10) — October 20, 2014

Review of Roofhare and Friends – Fantastique Plastique on Mobius Spin (mbsspn10)


Roofhare on twitter; Mobius Spin on bandcamp

Roofhare (Kees De Groot) composed a track entirely of sounds recorded from plastic objects. Artists were then invited to manipulate these sounds in any way they saw fit. However there were no samples or stems available, just the original track to work with.

This album released by Mobius Spin is the result. It comprises of the original track and 8 remixes or collages as Kees prefers to call them. A simple yet brilliant idea has produced 8 excellent interpretations of the original song. I’m very pleased to have been part of this project and highly recommend you check out the contributors’ other material, details of where to find it are on the Mobius Spin album page.

Nystada – Plastisch Fantastisch This song has a classic analogue synth lead sound combined with some great glitchy rhythms and spoken German lyrics. It’s got quite an edgy feel and is really well produced.

M3t4rt! – Industrial Plastique Builds a drone really nicely leading to a flute type of sound. This has an organic quality against the more stark drone elements and ends with what I can best describe as a requiem. M3t4rt! describes the song as a dystopian turn on the lifecycle of a plastique bag and it fits that description very well.

Ian Haygreen – Plastique Fantastique (Mecanisme Remix) This has some great ambient sounds against the rhythm of the original track. Ian wanted the track to summon up the image of being inside a timepiece and this is a great description, I can see the cogs and wheels turning and hear them echoing. They’re keeping very good time.

Dental Drill Slips – Fantastique Plastique (Drill Mix) This song has great drone qualities and a haunting feel, it’s a great soundscape that wouldn’t be out of place in a H P Lovecraft story.

Andrulian – Plastique This song is my entry, not saying any more…

Isotherme – Fantastique Plastique (Stomp Remix) There’s a really great vibe to this song, it has brilliant bass, melody and a solid rhythm. It is really well produced, the countdown is a really nice touch.

The Geeky Disco Experiment – Kunststoff This song is a great example of creativity. It has a sparse industrial sound containing experimental elements, processed vocals and great sounds.

Nermond – Sixteen Plastic Warships Nermond created the track from a loop from left over audio played against the original track to create new loops. Great experimental idea, really like the sound and subtle variations in the resulting track.

Review of Pitch Black Heart on Factory Fast Records — October 16, 2014

Review of Pitch Black Heart on Factory Fast Records

Pitch Black Heart


Factory Fast Records on twitter

Pitch Black Heart features 7 tracks from 7 different artists and is available from Amazon and as a ‘virtual vinyl’ release by Factory Fast Records out of NYC.

Pitch Black Heart is a great compilation showcasing a range of talent and diverse styles from synthpop to jazz influenced pop grooves to uptempo psych. Each of the featured artists not only have a great sound but also a uniqueness which shines through on this release. They are all definitely ones to watch.

The Angeles Project – Your Name in Lights This is a great opening song, it has a great synth pop sound with some great 80’s retro sounding elements but also great guitar riffs which gives the song a modern edge. It also has really lush vocals which suit the song perfectly.

The Spase – Shooting Star This song has a great opening riff which gives a real momentum to the song. Again there are great vocals which also give a sense of urgency and build tension through the verses really well. Great production on this song.

Carroll’s Sword – December Heart This is an acoustic guitar track with vocals. As such it’s stripped back but that’s what makes it works really well. There is a really good tension created from the combination of vocals and guitar playing.

Halle Day – Getup This song has a great groove, a really smooth vibe complimented by lush vocals which also create a really nice tension at times. The style sits somewhere between jazz, soul, lounge and trip hop.

The Hotelles – Honestly Denise There is a great opening to this song which has a really cool indie sound – a tight rhythm with really good guitar vamp.

Peculiar Disco Moves – Lost for Words The band have a great sound which is really hard to define. For me that’s usually a good thing. The song has great vocals, really good piano and guitar playing and a kind of call and response feel at times.

The Everglows – Sugary Sun This is a high tempo song with great energy ans a great sound. Tight rhythm propels the song along with edgy vocals and edgy guitar playing too.

Review of The Myrrors – Solar Collector on Cardinal Fuzz (CFUL036) — October 8, 2014

Review of The Myrrors – Solar Collector on Cardinal Fuzz (CFUL036)

The Myrrors


Solar Collector was originally released on Sky Lantern Records and Cardinal Fuzz are releasing this 350 limited press which comes in a hand printed sleeve. It is available from Cardinal Fuzz online shop

The Myrrors are one of those bands that just have a great togetherness which shines through in their really tight sound which has a well knitted rhythm section, great guitar playing, great tone and great solos. The songs on this release are excellent, really captivating and at times almost meditative. They completely hold your attention, so much so that you lose all sense of time when listening.

Solar Collector has a great laid back rhythm with some really nice lead guitar which has a great tone and just a hint of wah-wah. There are nice changes in tempo which gives the song an urgency. Tension builds really well, being released at the end of the song.

Escape Attempt this song has a similar sort of feel but a slower tempo. It’s a brilliant example of what a jam should be – tight drums and bass, a solo that flows and contrasts against an effective drone. There is great use of wah-wah, tension builds slowly if the final part of the song before being released. The song is 11 and a half minutes long, I had to double check because it seemed to be much shorter which is clearly the sign of a great psych band.

Ascension has a slightly different feel, opening with an organ against a drone and cymbals. It has a very chilled vibe throughout with great tone on the lead lines.

Whirling Mountain Blues This song has more of a defined groove, brilliant distorted lead lines against a solid rhythm. There is great solo playing. This song is 14 minutes long but again is such a brilliant jam you lose track of time as you’re listening.

Review of White Manna – Live Frequencies LP on Cardinal Fuzz (CFUL037) — October 7, 2014

Review of White Manna – Live Frequencies LP on Cardinal Fuzz (CFUL037)

White Manna


Live Frequencies is the result of 2 soundboard recordings from the Liverpool Psych Fest weekend in the autumn of 2013. And I’m very grateful, because those of us who were not in attendance can share these epic performances. I get the feeling you will need to be fairly quick though, this is a 500 press limited edition bootleg style LP which I’m sure will sell fast. It is available from Cardinal Fuzz online shop

White Manna have a great sound and are an excellent live act as demonstrated on this LP. They have a great psych sound at their core which they blend with a rock / punk riffing intensity which gives their sound an explosive burst. It’s expertly done too, they always maintain a great balance across their songs which often have a great ebb and flow. The LP also highlights White Manna’s talents by having contrasting versions of some of the songs.

E Shra (Stengade) opens with a jangly guitar against a swirling wind type of sound. This sets the scene for a great chilled vibe. Percussion enters to give momentum and tension builds slowly as the guitar solo becomes more intense. An excellent opening track.

Acid Head (Le Kalif) opens with feedback leading into a great riff. There is a good contrast against the first track. The song has a great groove backed by a tight rhythm section. The vocal style suits the song really well. This song has a great ebb and flow feel to it, a great combination of momentum with riff/rhythm and free flowing vocal style.

Evil (Le Kalif) opens with an intense punk riffing and lead guitar and the vocals follow in a similar style. This is a really uptempo song which builds tension to a crescendo, releases it then builds it again and is released at the end of the song.

X Ray (Le Kalif) has a great opening riff and groove against a background swirling type of effect and has an almost lilting feel. The vocals really complement the style having an ethereal feel. Tension builds and releases really well through the song, building into a frenzied crescendo towards the end of the song.

I’m Comin’ Home (Le Kalif) opens with a solid rhythm and lead line and has quite a driving feel. The vocals have an urgency and create a great tension. Again there is a great ebb and flow between a driving rhythm / groove and more laid back feel.

Sweet Jesus (Le Kalif) opens with great riffing and tight rhythm. The vocals have an urgency which maintains momentum. There are great background effects and soloing. The song has a very nice release of tension midway through the song leading to a half time sort of feel which quickly builds pace with a solo which rounds out the song.

G Shra (Le Kalif) opens with sparse feedback / neck sounds into more of a lead line accompanied by bass. There are some great background effects too. There’s a really good interaction between 2 guitars. The song develops a groove against the solo and background elements, creating a really good tension against the groove.

Evil (Stengade) there is a slightly different feel to the opening of this version having more of a swirling background sound and different tone. It still has an uptempo feel with great soloing building tension nicely through the song, releasing for a brief spell before building a final crescendo and release.

X Ray (Stengade) this is a slightly slower version and has a great groove against background sound effects. The vocals sit more in the background initially as this version features an organ providing a lead line and background sound effects. There is a great contrast between the two versions and a nice change of tempo towards the end, building a similar frenzied crescendo.

Sweet Jesus (Stengade) feedback opens this version which is slightly slower but still has great momentum. This version features an organ which suits the song really well. There is a similar release to a half time sort of feel building pace with a solo to round out the song.