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Review of You’re Smiling Now But We’ll All Turn Into Demons – Population IV album on Cardinal Fuzz (CFUL035) — January 28, 2015

Review of You’re Smiling Now But We’ll All Turn Into Demons – Population IV album on Cardinal Fuzz (CFUL035)


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I was very pleased when Cardinal Fuzz re-released Contact High last year, having missed it’s original release way back in 2009. You can read my review here.

Well the good news is that Population IV follows hot on its heels, being released by Cardinal Fuzz (CFUL035) on 02 February 2015 as a 500 Pressing on a 2 Colour swirl vinyl with a locked groove bonus on side A, insert and download of not only the LP but of a specially put together edit of live jams and rehearsal for this release called “Psychic Driving”. It is available from Cardinal Fuzz online shop

And it’s a brilliant follow up, Population IV has a great collection of songs ranging from improvised jams, shorter solo improvisations, post grunge and all out psych. The band have a great tight knit sound, drums and bass provide a solid foundation for the excellent guitar improvisation. This is an excellently crafted album which has a brilliant focus and intensity. It is a highly recommended release.

Chapel Perilous Opens the album with an instrumental song which has a great improvised / jam feel. Excellent variations in tone and feel throughout, building a great tension to end the song.

Hothouse Builds on this theme with another great jam. Again there are great tonal variations and excellent control to build and release tension. A great change of tempo builds a crescendo with a great wah / feedback solo to end the song.

Sad Alien and Winking Skeleton This song is more uptempo, opening with a great distorted lead line which is accompanied by a second similar lead line with wah. There’s a great interplay between the two during the song which has a great post grunge / stoner rock kind of feel. The vocals are excellent and really add to the vibe.

Seya Is then a return to the instrumental jam type of sound. The song has a great vibe and explores different aspects of this through great riffs and solos.

The Bee’s Eyes A short improvisation which has a more uptempo feel. The song has great solos with wah and excellent tone.

The Sorcerers Great feedback and distorted riff to open the song. The controlled playing provides a great intensity and the vocals are more spoken and have a laid back feel but still create a great tension. Great lead playing again, the song has a great drive and intensity.

Throne Control Great opening riff, creates a laid back groove which acts as a basis for improvisation. The song has a more acoustic sound with great expression building tension really well with the increasingly distorted tones and more intense soloing. Excellent build and release of tension.

Review of Milton Star – Sorryville / Salvation double A single — January 26, 2015

Review of Milton Star – Sorryville / Salvation double A single

Milton Star



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Milton Star are Alan Wyllie and Graeme Currie who write and record their unique blend of indie and dark country in a converted church ‘Milton’ located in darkest Fife.

And that really helps craft this double A side which excellently tells two tales full of despair, regret and sorrow through well crafted lyrics. The style of the songs suits the stories really well, Milton Star capture the essence of classic old country whilst having a modern indie edge to their sound. The vocals are deep toned and there’s great guitar playing backed by solid bass and drumming.

Sorryville Great opening to the song, has some ambient qualities with great sound effects but the mood then changes when the song is propelled along by really solid drumming. There’s a great edge to the song, it is a tale of despair and woe told by great deep toned vocals. It has quite a lilting feel to the rhythm which creates a great tension and atmosphere, some great guitar tones and playing too.

Salvation Love the opening to this song, great drumming and beautifully toned guitar chord with an excellent twang to the riff. It has a real western lonesome feel to the song, would make a great cinematic soundscape. The song has a great rhythm with excellent guitar playing. The vocals compliment the song really well, deep toned, telling a story full of woe and regret.

Review of Boris Carloff – Morphosis album — January 24, 2015

Review of Boris Carloff – Morphosis album

Boris Carloff

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Award-winning producer, musician and a highly respected artist, Boris Carloff releases his second solo album ‘Morphosis’ on February 16th 2015, exactly two years after the release date of his debut ‘The Escapist’ a record which won three music awards and featured Doug Yowell (drummer for Lana Del Ray and Suzanne Vega) and singer Ghetto Priest (Asian Dub Foundation, Massive Attack).

Simply put, this is a stunning album. It has such a great vibe – a bit edgy with a really nice building of tension in many of the songs. The vocals are outstanding and there are great sounds and layering.

What makes it so good is the way different styles and genres are seamlessly blended into Boris’ own sound. Which is really hard to describe because there are suggestions of dub, synth pop, glitch, ibm even classical at times yet the resulting sound is much, much greater than the sum of the parts, it’s brilliant, a really captivating album.

I’m an Island and People are the Sea This song opens with an ominous sounding drone which is accompanied by sparse percussion and great acapella vocals. The song has a great tension, evolving a great groove with excellently layered percussion and synth / pad sounds.

Days go By The video to this song is embedded above. Great percussive opening, quite a sparse glitchy feel with great dubstep type sounds, a synth pop feel and also a hint of classical at times too. Excellent vocals again, great layering of synth sounds and percussion create an excellent tension.

Cos You Know This song has great sound effects / arpeggio to open the song. Again it has a sparse feel with excellent vocals which combined with great synth sounds and layered percussive sounds create a great edge to the song.

Cave Has a vocal sort of chant to open which is accompanied by piano. Again there is sparse percussion and great textures and layering of sounds. The vocals create a great tension.

No Matter Opens with a nice pad sound and vocals accompanied by sparse percussion. There are evolving pad and string sounds, great contrasts and textures.

Intermezzo Is a shortish intermission, comprised of strings which is a great contrast to the other songs and has a classical feel.

All the Things at Last Evolving synth sounds to open leading to great percussion and vocals, a great edge and tension to the song but also with a really positive vibe in the chorus.

I’ve Been Thinking of You Has more of a spoken vocal style, it’s got a great vibe, kind of a bit jazzy, glitchy and dubstep. Female vocals are excellent too, provide a nice contrast and great harmonies.

Too Soon, Too Close Great guitar riff to open followed by great synth sounds. Vocals have a really laid back feel, sparse percussion and great sound effects create an evolving sound with a great flow and tension.

Last Runner Great piano playing accompanied by vocals, again a great tension and a sparse feel, evolving synth sounds work really well and the percussion adds a real momentum. Some great acid bassline sounds in there too.

Review of Los Trasgos Muertos – Eponymous EP — January 20, 2015

Review of Los Trasgos Muertos – Eponymous EP

Los Trasgos Muertos

Los Trasgos Muertos

Los Trasgos Muertos website
Los Trasgos Muertos on twitter
BlueSoapMusic on twitter

From Manchester, Los Trasgos Muertos are Captain Reed (Bass/Vox/Organ), Von Beek (Guitar/Vox) and Il Fleishe(Drums). Their eponymous EP will be released on 02 February 2015.

This is an excellent EP, Los Trasgos Muertos have a really tight knit sound with great distorted and acoustic guitar riffs, excellent vocals which are backed by solid drumming and bass. The band have a great sound, there’s definitely a nod to some classic bands of the seventies but only a slight one – that’s because Los Trasgos Muertos excellently create their own sound and a great vibe.

Fire in the Sky This song has a great opening riff leading to a distorted chord vamp propelled along by solid drumming. The vocals compliment the song really well. The song has a great sound with diverse influences such as Black Sabbath and Glam rock and an excellent vibe. Not forgetting there’s a great solo too.

Step One In contrast to Fire in the Sky, this song has a more laid back feel, opening with an acoustic riff and bassline. The drums enter to provide momentum and the tempo raises for the chorus which is really catchy and has a great chord vamp. The vocals are excellent with nice harmonies.

It Rises! There is a great distorted riff to open the song which creates a great groove. The vocals are again excellent and the song has more of an acoustic feel for the verses returning to the distorted riff which acts as a chorus. Really nice changes of feel from the acoustic to distorted riff.

Roll with the Punches Great feedback and delay to open the song leading to a distorted riff propelled by great drumming, excellent guitar playing and a driving bassline. There’s a really nice edge to this song which has a great vibe and energy, really good changes in feel / tempo and the vocals again are excellent.

Review of Garage Batz / DownFall – The Split LP on Factory Fast Records — January 19, 2015

Review of Garage Batz / DownFall – The Split LP on Factory Fast Records

Garage Batz / DownFall The Split LP


Factory Fast Records on twitter

The Split LP features 7 tracks in total, 4 from The Garage Batz and 3 from DownFall. It is available from Amazon (and many other online outlets too) next month but is available to pre-order now from Factory Fast Records.

The Split LP features 2 bands that compliment each other really well. DownFall are an up and coming UK based band whilst The Garage Batz are NYC rock veterans. The LP pulls no punches, it is hard rocking with a great intensity from gnarly distorted tones which produce intense riffing and great soloing, there are excellent vocals too.

Shadows – The Garage Batz This is an excellent opening song, a great distorted riff to open which is propelled along by a solid rhythm of bass and drums. The vocals add a real intensity and drive, there are some great solos and a nice release of tension before building to a final release.

Raw – DownFall A great driving riff propelled by solid rhythm and drums. The vocals suit the style of the song really well. Again there are great solos and an excellent energy and momentum to the song.

La La Land – The Garage Batz Opens with a great distorted riff leading to a chord and bass vamp. The song has quite a grunge feel at times and the vocals are a bit more subdued which works really well. The song has a catchy chorus then drops an intense solo which is a great contrast before returning to the grunge vibe.

No Tomorrow – DownFall There’s a different feel to this song, acoustic guitar opening with vocals leading into distorted guitar accompaniment. The drumming is again excellent, the song has a great intensity provided by the vocals and some great soloing.

Holy Spirit – The Garage Batz Great distorted chords leading to a riff which has real momentum. The drumming is really tight and propels the song along aided by intense vocals. There is a really nice build and release of tension.

Another Day – The Garage Batz A great gnarly opening riff, really great distorted tone leading to a solo. The vocals suit the style of the song really well, a bit spoken but with real intensity. The song has really effective changes in feel / tempo.

Sleaze – DownFall Really great bassline to open the song followed by a distorted lead line and intense riffing which creates a great tension. The song maintains an excellent drive with some great solos and nice changes in momentum too.

Review of Analogue Wave – Alterations album — January 13, 2015

Review of Analogue Wave – Alterations album

Analogue Wave are Dublin based duo Del and Andy who formed in 2012. This is an album of remixes, some of which are their own and some of which are from family and friends and it’s really good to hear re-interpretations of some of Analogue Wave’s songs as well as some other new material. Each of these remixes is excellent, having great sounds, really good layering of sounds and spot on production without being over produced.

Analogue Wave blend styles really well and their songs often have an edge and/or tension to them. If you want to check out some of their other songs, here’s my review of the brilliant Casimir album and here’s a link to their Bandcamp page.

Alterations is out now and is embedded above.

Crawl (Grim Remix) This song has a glitchy opening and retains this glitchy feel throughout but also has ambient qualities and the styles are blended really well. It has great use of industrial sounding percussive sounds, really good use of delay effects and great vocals too.

Sofia Vondell – Likes of You (Analogue Wave Remix) A great laid back groove to open the song which has a great vibe with dub elements. The vocals are excellent, kind of dreamy, creates a bit of a trippy feel. Excellent layering of percussive sounds and some great piano / synth parts.

Mezkal (Ummagma Remix) The song has an excellent groove to open with, creating a great momentum. The vocals are great too giving an edge to the song. There is really good layering of sounds again and a nice build and release of tension.

Sofia Vondell – I Get Lost Sometimes (Analogue Wave Remix) This song has a great percussive opening leading into a dub vibe. The vocals are again rather trippy and work really well against the groove. Drone elements and delayed synth sounds / effects add a nice contrast to the vocal parts.

Fingers (Toes Remix) There is a great energy to the song, it has really good driving percussion and drums and the vocals really add to the momentum. It has a great sound containing elements of glitch, tech house, industrial with excellent layering of sounds.

Sofia Vondell – Sparrows (Analogue Wave Remix) This song has a great ambient almost cinematic opening, vocals have a great laid back feel which suits the style of the song really well. The song has a really sparse feel to it, strings create and resolve a subtle tension.

Salo (Four Point Zero Remix) Great opening sound effects and percussive sounds, has a real synth-pop feel with an acid type bassline. Great vocals, create a nice tension to the song.

Devils (Angels Remix AW) Opens with a great rhythm which evolves really well. The song has a great sound, has some tech / minimal qualities at times, some nice dub elements and really great layering and use of different sounds.

Salo (in Violet Remix) Completely different feel to the other remix, great opening synth sound, has a sparse almost breakbeat feel at times. The remix has a great edge to it, again really good layering and blending of styles and great vocals. The remix also a great drop leading to a really nice change of feel.

Mezkal (Temperance Remix) Similarly, this remix has a completely different feel to the other remix. It opens with a drum solo, well sort of, leading to a great 80s kind of feel – brilliant bass and synth lines and snappy vocal-type effects. The remix is expertly done, retaining the great feel of the original song blended with a great new sound.

Favourite Videos of the Week (11/01/15) — January 11, 2015

Favourite Videos of the Week (11/01/15)

Forever Still – Scars
Great combination of live shots of the band and footage of Maya singing in a basement / corridor. Forever Still have a solid sound and there’s a great energy and drive to the song. Maya’s vocals are excellent complimenting the song really well with a hint of terror thrown in for good measure!.


Blabpipe – Gone
Some great space footage in the video, if it’s really from the moon landings I never realised they fell over so much. This footage is combined with recording of live playing and other cool imagery. The song has a great indie / grunge vibe, maintaining momentum whilst still having a laid back feel to the vocals.


Future Islands – Vireo’s Eye
The video is footage from the video game ‘Dragon’s Lair’ which works really well. The song has a great synth pop type of sound, great bassline and lead synth parts and edgy vocals.


Meter Bridge – Kite
Really great imagery in this video, a great combination of black and white and time lapse footage. The song is taken from Meter Bridge’s excellent self-titled album (you can read my review) Kite has great percussion and acid sounds to open with, the vocals are more spoken. The song has a sparse breakbeat feel with great layering and really nice use of delay effects. The video compliments the song excellently.


Wolfgang Leng – Light Me Up
Great visuals to this video, the song has a great funky vibe with solid rhythm and great saxophone and guitar parts.


Rose Robbins – When I Dream
Beautiful imagery in the video, it’s really well produced. The song has ambient / drone qualities and the vocals are lovely, giving the song a kind of Celtic / Irish feel but there’s also a nice edge to the song.