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Review of ‘Rise up Son’ compilation album on Factory Fast Records — September 13, 2015

Review of ‘Rise up Son’ compilation album on Factory Fast Records


This a great compilation featuring a wide range of styles from acoustic, metal, blues and jazz to soulful with a funk vibe. There’s some great storytelling with a simmering tension at times. The songs are all really well produced with excellent vocals and there’s also some great riffing and solos too.

Michael Brondstetter – Ghost in the Walls
This song has a great acoustic riff to open and excellent vocals. The song has a great arrangement and the guitar playing is excellent.

Starkett Levee – Marshall Dillon
A slightly distorted riff accompanies an acoustic riff to open, the song has a great edge of tension. It’s a great story telling with a real simmering quality at times and nice changes in feel too with excellent riffs and solo.

The Celebration Army – They Call Me Jesus
A great blues / rock n’ roll type of groove to the opening riff with bass and drumming, there’s a nice change in momentum to the verse with more of a funk vibe to the guitar. The song has great vocals too and a really nice build and release of tension with great changes in feel. I really like the solo too.

Francesca Romana Fabris – You Won’t Put Me Down
This song has a great jazz vibe to the opening which continues through the song. There’s a real passion to the vocals and the brass and sax solo add a really nice touch. There’s some great jazz / blues guitar playing too and really nice changes in feel.

Johnny Hate – Around Myself
This song has a great opening leading into an excellent riff, shimmering tremelo chord and a mandolin (I think). The song has a slow brooding quality, the vocals are great with excellent story telling. There’s a great interplay between the different instruments with good changes in feel too. I really like the solo, it suits the style of the song really well with a great tone too.

Stevan Brasel – Rise Up Son
There’s a great momentum to the song with solid drumming and bass playing with 2 guitars weaving in and out of the song. The vocals are really good, they are very deep and have a real soulful blues type of quality about them. There’s a great solo too. I really like the great blues vibe to this song.

Genuine Crude – Inside Jacob’s Head
I think there’s a quote from a film to open the song, not sure which one but it sets the scene really well. There’s a great momentum from solid drumming and bass. It’s a really tight knit sound, a bit of an 80’s metal vibe at times. There’s really good lead playing which contrasts really well with the more jangly riffs. The vocals are excellent and there’s really good changes in feel through the song.

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Review of ‘God of War’ compilation on Factory Fast Records — July 21, 2015

Review of ‘God of War’ compilation on Factory Fast Records

God of War compilation


There’s a great range of songs on this compilation, solid rock sounds with hints of blues, jazz, even rock and roll at times. Both the playing and vocals are excellent, there’s a great vibe to the album and just a touch of angst to add a great edge of tension.

Genuine Crude – Walkabout A great synth sound and drumming to open with a nice distorted lead riff and harmonies. Riffing creates a great brooding quality and the sound really opens up in the chorus. A great rock sound with a laid back vibe and a hint of lonesome.

Love Child – I’d Go Crazy Great drumming and organ to open with a great bluesy riff. Vocals are great, a really good blues rock feel with nice change in momentum in the chorus. There’s a positive vibe with a touch of angst in the vocals and a great solo too.

The Blue Project – God of War Great driving riff and bass to open propelled by solid drumming. The brass parts give a great sound, kind of jazz blues rock. The song has great vocals, really soulful. There’s really good riffing and solos with a great singalong quality to the chorus.

Leo and the Tolstoys – Monsters (trip – goth version) Great flange / phaser sound to open with and strummed open chord and nice solo. Drumming gives a great vibe and the vocals are excellent. There’s a great sound between rock, surf and western interspersed with a great heavy riff. The song has a great simmering tension.

Queen Bitch – Wild Heart There’s a brilliant vibe to this song, great piano and distorted riff to open leading into a rock and roll feel. The song has great riffing propelled by solid drumming and excellent vocals which give a great momentum. Really nice changes in feel too, a great expansive sound in the chorus and great solo too.

Ryan Young – Bobby Boy Great uptempo, slightly distorted acoustic guitar riff is joined by bass and sparse but really effective percussion. Great vocals, they create a really nice edge of tension at times. The song has a great momentum and really good solo too. A great sound somewhere between blues and western, has a great lonesome feel at times.

Matt Davis – Flash This song has a great acoustic riff to open accompanied by excellent vocals and slide / steel guitar which creates a great vibe with a really nice edge of tension. The song has a really good arrangement with a nice solo to end.

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Review of Country’s Death compilation album on Factory Fast Records — June 15, 2015

Review of Country’s Death compilation album on Factory Fast Records

Country's Death compilation


This really is an excellent compilation, there’s a great diverse range of sounds and styles from country blues, western, rock, folk and blues. The playing on each song is solid with some great guitar tones, riffs and solos and excellent vocals too. The arrangements and production are spot on too with great layering and selection of instruments.

What I especially like is that the songs are quite hard to pin down to a particular style, which does make a review more difficult but means that each song individually has a great sound and overall the album as a whole is simply brilliant.

Johnny Hate – Country’s Death There’s an urgency to this song which starts with an opening acoustic riff, ominous sounding bass drum, a great riff and a scream. The vocals have a spoken style at times and there’s great layering of instruments. There are also really nice solos in the song which has a brooding western quality, great changes in feel and a great edge of tension.

The Shannons – Ethina For me this song totally captures the essence of Americana. It has a great feel, the vocals are excellent and there’s some great bass and guitar playing too. I’m not sure how they’ve done it but their sound conjures up everything from the Allman Brothers, through Mary Chapin Carpenter to Robert Earl Keen and lots more in between.

Monogroove – When You Went Away This song has great drumming to open leading into a sax solo, vocals and jangly riff to give a great momentum. It’s a great sound, some lovely harmonies and great vocals, a great vibe.

Queen Bitch – Me and the Devil A brilliant hard rocking sound with a chunky riff to open, propelled by solid drumming and some nice background hammond type sounds. The song has excellent solos and vocals, great control with building and release of tension and some nice harmonies too.

Michael Brondstetter – Dark Cloud Blues This song has an excellent country blues feel, a great momentum propelled by great riffs and solos with nice changes of feel. Great building of tension in the song too.

Genuine Crude – Invisible This song has solo piano to open with a distorted / flange riff. It has a great momentum and has more of a rock sound. The vocals add a great tension and there’s a nice solo and change of feel.

Egon Erger – Grim This song has a great atmospheric opening, a 12 twelve string guitar type of sound. The vocals are excellent, telling a great bittersweet tale. There are some great organ type sounds and a lap steel guitar really add to the sound.

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Review of Bag of Bones sampler on Factory Fast Records — August 1, 2014

Review of Bag of Bones sampler on Factory Fast Records

Bag of Bones


Factory Fast Records on twitter

Bag of Bones is the Fourth ‘virtual vinyl’ sampler to be released by Factory Fast Records out of NYC. All four songs are mixed and mastered into one easily downloadable file. Virtual Vinyl means the songs are specifically engineered to sound like a record.

And if you wanted to showcase talent, this is a great way to do it. There is a real bittersweet feel to this EP. On the one hand each of the tracks has a great vibe but equally they are tales of despair. It’s a great selection of tracks, each one different in style but with a similar theme and each is equally very well produced and showcases great vocals and very accomplished playing.

Those very kind folks at Factory Fast have made Bag of Bones available to my blog readers for a very special price of $2 (that’s about £1.65) using this special offer link

The first track by Outwoods County Riders has a slightly laid back feel with a solid groove. There is great banjo playing and nice harmonica use. Vocals just behind the beat and suit the song very well. It is quite a sad story though.

The second song by Gabriel Brox has kind of an alt-Bluegrass feel. Again there is a solid groove and the spoken vocals take me to a place somewhere between JJ Cale, Ray Wiley Hubbard and Johnny Cash. That’s a great place to be if not a little unnerving.

The third track by Andy Zovko has more of a bluesy feel to it. You can really feel the pain and angst in the vocals which are really well complimented by the guitar playing.

The fourth track by Genuine Crude has a brilliant intro – great piano playing leading into a great guitar riff. This track has such a great vibe to it, kind of Counting Crows-esque and again you can feel the pain in the vocals.

So in summary, this is a great sampler which showcases excellent talent. The tracks are all played and really well produced, a highly recommended release.