Terranean Recordings is a non-profit digital label run by Luke Lund. Drawn Against the Sun is Terranean Recordings 100th release and features 37 exclusively presented tracks and over 3 hours of material from artists such as Amantra, Wizards Tell Lies, Chuter, Trium Circulorum, KEK-W and many more. A preview is embedded above.

There are 13 additional tracks which are available exclusively on a hand made CDr with sales supporting the upcoming physical edition label BARELY HERE. The CDr is limited to 50x copies with three cover variations and these will ship on release date. They can be ordered from the bandcamp page embedded below and pre-sales are going very well, there’s only about half left at the time of writing.

I’m delighted to have a track released exclusively on the CDr version, it’s called ‘world beyond the mists’ and it is a dark ambient, glitchy track influenced by H P Lovecraft after which it takes its name.

I’d also highly recommend checking out their previous releases, there’s tons of excellent music from ambient, experimental, avant-garde, minimal to industrial which are available as name your price downloads.