For anyone who uses sample packs Noiiz looks like a very interesting platform. It’s an offshoot from Samplephonics and in essence offers unlimited downloads of all Samplephonics packs and content from 10 other creators such as Fold, Skit, Primate and 43% Giant with new material being added daily. It also offers a cloud connected plugin – although at present this is Mac only, the windows version is under development but should be available in the next few days – which allows you to access sounds on Noiiz in your project and audition them in time and in key before use. There are also other tools for exploring sounds and building your personalised sample library.

The video below gives you an idea of how the plugin works in Maschine:

Noiiz are currently offering a year’s subscription for half the normal price at $89. Additionally, this fee will apply each year for life. The offer is only available until the 31st January and also includes a free pack of 8000 drums and fx samples. After this date the subscription fee will rise to the normal price of $199 per year. It’s worth noting that you keep the rights to everything you download even if you cancel your subscription.

If you use samples in your projects, even only occasionally, this introductory offer looks like an exceptional deal. At current exchange rates this is about £71. When you consider that Samplephonics packs normally retail at £34.70, for the price of just over two packs a year you can have access to their entire library and new content as it is released. From the website it looks like future additions could include projects, presets and apps so there appears to be a lot of promise for added value in the future.

I really like the idea of a cloud based sample library. I sometimes purchase sample packs and often find that I don’t use all of the included content and it takes quite a long time matching sounds together. I can see that the ability to audition sounds and search on key / tempo would speed up workflow and mean that you are only using the sounds that you need.

The flipside is that you are limited to Samplephonics and other creators as they come on board. That’s not necessarily a bad thing because they have loads of excellent quality sample packs covering just about every style you can imagine but it does mean you may still need to purchase other sounds if you have a number of favourite providers. The other concern for me would be the access speeds, as it becomes more popular will bandwidth decrease and impact the app and downloads. This doesn’t look too much of an issue though, Noiiz has been very popular since launch and users report that download speeds are extremely quick.

It’s also very encouraging to see the massive effort being put into improving the service and the very prompt responses to feedback. It only launched on Monday but already more content is being uploaded to ensure all Samplephonics content is available; an AAX version is planned over the next few weeks; installation instructions are being improved and suggested features are being considered.