You better strap yourselves in, this is a white knuckle ride of high energy, high tempo heavy rock songs with excellent riffing, awesome guitar tone and some great solos too. The cover artwork is really appropriate, this would make an excellent wrestling soundtrack.

Verde – Power
The song opens with feedback accompanied by a slapped bass line, drumming gives an urgent feel. The distorted guitar enters with a chunky sounding riff leading to a great groove. I really like how the vocals have a rap style which gives the song a great vibe and energy. There’s an excellent solo too.

ToxSyn – Toxic Shock
I really like the reversed vocals to open with, the song has a great brooding quality with excellent build and release of tension through tasty riffing and intense vocals. I really like the variety in both the vocal and guitar tones.

Hell Beings – Leopard
This song opens with feedback leading into a great strummed riff. There’s really good layering and changes of feel with the guitar riffs and I like the intensity of the vocals. The song has a great energy.

Stereo Treason – Open Range
This song opens with great drumming leading into solid riffing, the vocals have a great intensity to them. I like how the song has an edgy feel with a release to a lower tempo part slowly building tension again to a solo which ends the song.

Snake – Dark Place
This song has a great bass line to open leading into an awesome distorted riff and superbly growly vocals. The spoken vocals over the top give a great urgency. There’s a wicked intensity and great vibe to the song which has a great solo too. I like the change to less intense vocals towards the end of the song which gives a great contrast.

Red Zephyr – Crazy Noise
Superb opening riff, a heavy rock sound reminiscent of 80s metal. The vocals suit the style of the song really well. The drumming and bass give an excellent momentum and groove. It’s an infectious sound.

Marijuanal – Brothers
A great opening riff, this song has a thrash / speed metal feel from very intense drumming, riffing and vocals. The song has an excellent intensity and energy from start to finish and I really like the harmonised solo.


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