Everything Down is the solo project of Chris McReynolds.

This is an excellently produced album, there’s some superbly crafted percussive and noise / drone sounds which are really well layered, sometimes against more natural sounds. There’s a great attention to detail, the vocals are excellent and processed really well, there’s great use of distortion to create a real edge at times but with great control which highlights the contrast with the softer parts.

Gathering Scattered Thoughts
Great sounds create a generative rhythm to open, the drum sounds are really tight. There’s a great interplay between clean and processed vocals with excellent distorted sounds and a nice glitch in the rhythm too. The song has great production, a really edgy sound.

In You
Sparse piano and delayed background effects to open, the song has a sparse rhythm and feel. The vocals have great use of delay and distortion.

This is a short song with a piano riff and a sparse percussive sound like a typewriter. A really good reflective soundscape.

Not Time Yet
An ominous drone sound to open contrasts with a synth riff which I can best describe as a percussive bell. The percussive rhythm builds, there are some excellent impact / percussive sounds against a kick rhythm. The vocals are layered and processed really well and have an otherworldly feel to them at times, a haunting whispered quality at others. Great use of distorted sounds / noise elements too.

Systems of Hate
Emerging white noise to open, percussive sounds are excellent again being really tight and very well crafted. I really like the riff, there’s excellent use of distortion. The emerging bass gives a great momentum.

Washed Away
A really dirty distorted bass riff to open contrasts excellently against the more organic sounding piano riffs.

We Walk in Circles
A great groove from the bassline and excellent percussive rhythm again. The vocals are more spoken, really well processed and create a great tension against the more laid back groove. There’s some great lead and drone sounds too.

Don’t Think I’m Not Here
Great percussive rhythm and distorted sounds to open leading into a solid groove from the drum pattern and bass. The drum sounds are excellently processed again. The distorted guitar tone is superb and the vocals are excellent creating a great tension. It’s a really edgy song with a great simmering tension.

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