Meter Bridge are a synthwave duo based in Nelson, Canada.  They have been playing together since 2011, gathering an enthusiastic following amongst music aficionados and lovers of classic and contemporary synthpop. In 2014, they released their eponymous debut EP followed by the ‘Slow Motion’ LP in 2015, both of them drawing significant attention on the electronica scene internationally and landing them in numerous ‘Best of’ lists in each of these years.

It Was Nothing is their latest single released on WEATNU Records today (12th February) as a free download. The B-side for this single features a remix by Rodney Cromwell, whose debut ‘Age of Anxiety’ LP (2015, Happy Robots Records) introduced electronic pop lovers to some epic retro future synth music. Hailing from Catford in South London, Rodney Cromwell is the project of Adam Cresswell, former main-man of John Peel favourites Saloon and the critically acclaimed Arthur & Martha.

Both Meter Bridge and Rodney Cromwell will be playing events occurring through the Electro London Festival. Rodney Cromwell played the Electro London concert at Electrowerkz on January 30th with Massive Ego, The Department, Johnny Normal and DJ Rob Harvey (Synth City). Meter Bridge will be playing the Electro London Festival on September 10, 2016 with Wolfgang Flür (ex-Kraftwerk), Shiny Darkness and others.

I’m a big fan of Meter Bridge and this is another excellent release from them. It has an excellent vibe, superb vocal harmonies and great synth sounds. The production is also excellent through layering and use of contrasting/complimenting sounds. I’d highly recommend checking out their previous releases which I’ve also reviewed – their debut EP and Slow Motion album.

It Was Nothing
A brilliantly atmospheric opening from a swirling synth sound and bass, the drum pattern has an edge to the sound which gives a great contrast and these are joined by excellently layered background sounds and a delayed arp. The vocals are superb, brilliant harmonies with great use of delay at times. The song is “about a public figure spreading lies that play on peoples’ heartstrings… for the purpose of getting millions of people supporting a false agenda” and the vocals reflect this kind of attitude brilliantly having a coldness, a kind of detachment to them. I really like the arrangement which creates a great vibe to the song with contrasting elements of ambience at times and a harsher edgier sound at others.

It Was Nothing (Rodney Cromwell Mix)
This is a great remix, it’s more uptempo than the original with a great opening synth riff, the drum pattern and bass arp give a great momentum. Again there’s great layering of background sounds which have great variety and movement in the sound. I really like the way that Rodney has retained the character of the original song yet has masterfully created a different vibe.

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