Campbell L. Sangster is the new musical identity of the London-based singer/songwriter Lin Sangster who’s former bands include Send No Flowers, Kit and Bad Anorak 404.

Odds are Stacked
The song has a great acoustic opening with soulful vocals leading into a more urgent rhythm with a nice release of tension into the chorus. The sound is really hard to describe, somewhere between folk, singer-songwriter and western. The vocals are superb throughout and the arrangement of the song is excellent too, there’s some subtle layering and a natural organic sound with haunting qualities.

Lil Sis
The song opens with a strummed acoustic riff which works really well against the bass creating a great momentum. The vocals are excellent again, really soulful with an edge of tension telling a great story. Again the sound is hard to describe, somewhere between folk and singer songwriter. Another excellent arrangement.

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