This is a great EP, a high energy uptempo listen from start to finish. The songs are propelled by solid drumming and bass with great uptempo riffing and some solos too. The vocals are excellent with great attitude. And what’s more it’s a free download too.

An excellent high tempo song, great riffing and solid bass and drumming to open. Really good changes in feel between a flat out full throttle and more reigned in sound. Vocals are excellent with great attitude.


Great drumming and riff to open the song, a great momentum with uptempo riffing, bass and drumming. The vocals have really good attitude again, there are nice changes of feel in the song and a solo too.

Glue Buzz

More of a chord vamp feel to the opening riff, this is another high energy song with great attitude in the vocals again. It has a kind of refrain leading into a great uptempo Shoegaze kind of feel before bursting into really high tempo riffing and a solo to end the song.

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