This is a stunning EP, Ummagma have a brilliant sound combining elements of ambient, shoegaze and dreampop with beautiful dreamy vocals which have just an edge of tension at times. The songs have great arrangements and production, I really like the way this EP contains 3 remixes of Lama, all of which are excellently produced and bring their own unique qualities.

This song has a great atmospheric opening, really well layered background sounds against the strings. The song is an excellent soundscape, I really like the processed vocals / background sounds which add an ephemeral feel.

A great arp and layered background sounds to open, this gives a contrast against the more laid back synth sounds. Guitar adds a great element, sometimes subtle other times more upfront and edgy. The vocals are great too, dreamy and floaty but with just an edge of tension as the song builds.

Lama (Mal Holmes’ OMD remix)
I really like this remix, it captures the essence of the original song but adds a great vibe, a more upfront feel to the arp, bass and percussion sounds. It has more of an electronic feel without the guitar parts. Great processing of the vocals at times too.

Ocean Girl
I really like the opening accordion and strummed acoustic guitar, it gives the song a French kind of feel. The song has a great laid back vibe and the vocals have a really excellent dreamy quality.

Winter Tale
Another great opening with dreamy vocals and great layering of sounds. I really like how the drums sit low in the mix with a more upfront repeating percussive rhythm. Background sounds are layered really well too adding just an edge of tension at times.

Great arp and bass to open, excellent layering and the vocals are beautiful, really dreamy with some great harmonies.

Lama (Robin Guthrie remix)
There’s a great chilled vibe to the opening, which is retained through the remix. It sounds subtle and that is what’s impressive because it’s certainly not easy to achieve.

Lama (Lights That Change remix)
Another great remix, has a shoegaze feel but more of an edge at times and an excellent arrangement. Some great processing and use of sounds.

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