This is an outstanding EP, what I really like is the way that The Winachi Tribe blend styles of funk, soul, house and disco and create their own distinctive sound. The vocals are excellent with great use of male / female to provide contrast and there are great harmonies too. The drumming and bass is really tight knit providing a solid foundation. The EP has a great groove from excellent production.

Time For Love
A disco / soul / funk style to the opening, there’s a great vibe from the vocals which suit the style really well and the drumming and bass is solid too. There’s great use of contrasting female vocals and nice synth arp and brass elements too. It’s really well produced and has a great smooth feel.

Plant The Seed
This song has some house qualities to the opening but also with a funk/ soul feel and the song has a great laid back vibe. The vocals have a more spoken acid-jazz feel at times. Female vocals add a great element again with great harmonies. Great production again, it’s a really tight sound. The video directed by ZigZag Zig is embedded below.

TFL Remix (Love Maze 4DD Remix)
There’s a really soulful house feel to the opening and throughout, a great vibe from the female vocals and the male vocals provide a good contrast and there’s great use of acid-jazz style vocals too. Great production again, excellent layering and a really tight sound.

The Winachi Tribe have recently released Plant The Seed as a second single and the band have commissioned a remix by Danny Saber to coincide with its release. And it’s a brilliant remix, whereas the original song has quite a laid back feel, Danny has managed to keep its essence whilst giving the remix a great groove, a wicked vibe and a tribal feel at times. It has a really good energy with a brooding quality to the verses opening up the sound in the chorus.

You can also catch The Winachi Tribe live at a number of upcoming gigs:

7th November: Shine On Weekender, Minehead Arena, Somerset with Happy Mondays, Stereo MCs, 808 State
22nd November: Leicester O2 Academy, supporting Happy Mondays
26th November: Nottingham Rock City, supporting Happy Mondays
27th November: Drummonds, Aberdeen

23rd January: The Phoenix, Cavendish Square, London

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