This is an excellent compilation of guitar driven songs with styles from jangly rock, punk, grunge, indie to uptempo rock. There’s some great riffing and uptempo solos all propelled by solid drumming and bass. The vocals are excellent too, some great harmonies and a good range of styles from uptempo to lonesome to a more laid back bluesy feel.

The Statements – They Say
Great riffing to the opening of the song which is propelled by solid drumming. The song has a great momentum and solid indie rock vibe. The vocals suit the song really well and they have an edge of tension to them. There’s a really good solo too.

Supervoid – Death of a Scholar
There’s a laid back feel to the opening of this song with bass and percussion, a great riff and chords played on two guitars arranged really well. The vocals are similarly laid back and there’s a great change of feel to them in the chorus which is propelled by distorted guitar and there’s a great build of tension ending the song with a final release. The song has a great grunge / Seattle sound reminiscent of the Smashing Pumpkins.

Bill Zanni – Screaming Red to Silent Blue
This song has a great acoustic guitar riff to open, accompanied by a distorted guitar and a second distorted guitar adds a great lead line. The vocals have a brooding quality and a great feel which really adds to the song.

The Everglows – It’s Alright (For You and Me)
I really like the uptempo riff and drumming to open, the vocals are great with excellent harmonies. The song has a great jangly vibe and the organ adds a great element.

Anti – Vaporize
Another song with a great riff and drumming to open, the vocals are harmonised and layered really well and contrast against the more uptempo riffing at times. There’s quite a laid back groove to the song.

Danny Lowe – None of the Above
Great uptempo drumming and riffing to open the song, vocals have an urgency about them. A great punk vibe to the song which has excellent riffing and nice changes of feel.

Screwtape – Yikes!
There’s a really uptempo riff and drumming to open this song which takes a more laid back chord vamp before returning to a more uptempo groove. The song has great vocals and I really like the changes in feel. There’s a great energy throughout.

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